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No spooky season at Riot this year

LoL Players Believe No New Halloween Skins Will Come In 2023

Skins 04-10-2023 16:50

With Halloween fast approaching it's time to get into the spooky season with some Halloween-themed LoL skins, but it seems that this year, Riot won't be bringing new ones to the rift... or so it seems. 

Bewitching nidalee
LoL players don't think we're getting new Halloween skins this year. | © Riot Games

It's October, which means it's the spooky season for League of Legends. This also means we're going to be getting some scary skins this year, but it seems that there is a chance that we might not be getting new Halloween skins this year. 

Each year, Riot releases skins from the vault when it's time for Halloween and some of the most iconic skins are part of the bunch like Zombie Brand, but will Riot be releasing new Halloween-themed skins this year? Some fans don't think so. 

LoL: Why Some Players Believe No New Bewitching Skins Are Coming In 2023

Bewitching has become the go-to aesthetic for any Halloween lover on Summoner's Rift, but it seems that this year we might not be getting new witch skins for the spooky season. Riot might have other plans for 2023, at least a few signs are pointing in that direction. 

Halloween skins, like Bewitching are part of the Legacy Vault. What does this mean though? These skins that are part of the Legacy Vault are often thematically tied to an event or season and are available for purchase for a limited time.

World Championship skins or Snowdown skins are part of this list, along with Halloween skins. Now, Riot have already unvlauted the Bewtiching skins, meaning that players are able to purchase these limited-time skins right now. 

With the skins already getting unvaulted ahead of any new skins being added to the batch, some fans believe that Riot is not going to be bringing back any Halloween skin line for this year. Instead, players will only be able to pick up the older Bewitching or Halloween skins in the shop right now. 

While Riot did bring back Coven in 2023, these are usually not Halloween skins and are part of a completely different and bigger universe. For now nothing has been decided though, but fans are not confident that Riot will be bringing back Bewitching or Halloween skins in 2023. 

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