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Most Hyped K-Pop Group NewJeans Sings New LoL Worlds Anthem

Esports 04-10-2023 16:35

The new worlds anthem is here and it's sung be non other less than the most hyped 4th generation K-Pop group: NewJeans.

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LoL Worlds Anthem: DRX comes to the party | © Riot Games

We’re just one week away from the Worlds Play-In start, and Riot Games has released the Worlds Anthem 2023, Gods, right on time. And what can we say? It’s a banger!

After a rather disappointing Worlds Anthem 2022 (17% dislikes at the time of writing), Riot Games has brought on board the K-Pop group NewJeans. It’s fitting since this year’s Worlds are taking place in Korea.

However, the sound is different from what we’re used to hearing from NewJeans. The intro features a choir and heavy 808 glides, which is not something you’d typically hear in K-Pop.

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Hyped K-Pop Group NewJeans |©NewJeans

Who is the K-Pop Group NewJeans?

NewJeans is a South Korean girl group that was founded by the label ADOR in 2022. They are the most hyped group of the 4th generation of K-Pop and consist of the members Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin and Hyein. They debuted in 2022 with their single “Attention” and set a Guinness World Record for the most views of a video within 24 hours. Their songs have also gone viral on TikTok. Their singles “OMG,” “Ditto,” and “Hype Boy” have each garnered over 400 million streams on Spotify.

One unique aspect of the group is that their ages range from 19 to 15 years old. Therefore, Hyein is the youngest performer ever to grace a Worlds stage. However, this is not the first K-Pop group to perform at Worlds. 

Miyeon and Soyeon from the K-Pop group (G)I-DLE are part of the legendary group K/DA, which was created by Riot Games and performed at Worlds 2018. Back then, (G)I-DLE was relatively unknown, but now they are one of the biggest players in the K-Pop business. Similarly, we can expect great things from NewJeans.

The Story Of The Worlds 2023 Anthem Video In Words

In the video, we follow Deft on his journey to becoming the 2022 world champion. At the beginning, we see him with Faker in a classroom before the video takes us into the world of League of Legends. This is an anecdote that they both went to Mapo High School. 

Deft fights the Blue Buff as Ezreal and defeats it with a confident grin before he looks up at Baron Nashor in awe. Faker defeats Baron Nashor, which is meant to show the difference in skill between the two in their early years. 

We then see Deft training to become a professional. After that, we return to the fantasy world where Deft, as Lucian, is defeated by PawN as Jayce. This is a reference to the Samsung White vs Samsung Blue semifinals, where Deft lost to PawN. After that, Deft moves to EDG where he loses against Rekkless on Kennen ADC (yes, that existed).

The next team change is to DRX, with whom he won Worlds last year. Together with Keria and Doran, he faces off against 2020 Showmaker and Canyon. We all know how that encounter ended. Deft falls into the abyss, expressing his hopelessness, but is pulled out by the 2022 DRX lineup. Together they are ready to defeat the Titans. 

First comes the tough fight against GenG, followed by the final: SKT vs DRX. In an epic battle, Deft, BeryL, Pyosik, Kingen and Zeka face off against Keria and Faker and ultimately defeat them. Together they lift the trophy. What a story!

It remains to be seen who will take home the victory this year. Deft is definitely back in the game, this time with Dplus Kia, the old Damwon Gaming. However, they are not considered favorites. The Chinese team JD Gaming is considered the favorite of the masses, boasting an absolute star-studded lineup.

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