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LoL: Riot Leaked Upcoming Skin Line With Early PBE Assets

Skins 03-01-2024 11:23

Riot Games usually updates the Public Beta Environment (PBE) before the live game server. Occasionally, they unintentionally include something in the update that wasn't supposed to be revealed yet.

Lol new drakes chemtech hextech preseason
PBE Patches usually get datamined on the first day. | © Riot Games

Riot Games always releases new updates on the PBE before they reach the Live Server. This includes changes to game balance, new game features, and cosmetic items. Data miners quickly discover and share details about these updates. Sometimes, Riot Games includes things in the updates that weren't supposed to be revealed yet.

LoL: Leaked New Skin Line in League of Legends

Popular League of Legends content creator “SkinSpotlights” previewed new emotes and icons on X (formerly known as Twitter). Some of these icons had players questioning which champions they were supposed to represent, but SkinSpotlights managed to data mine the names as well. 

It appears that a new skin line called “Primal Ambush” is coming, featuring the first batch of skins for Riven, Talon, Sivir, and Vi.

New Esports Emotes And Dragon Content For Lunar New Year

Dragon Trainer Tristana
Some love for Tristana this Lunar New Year! | © Riot Games

We can also expect several emotes likely to be released during the new esports season, obtainable by watching competitive matches on

Additionally, there will be a special Event Icon connected to Dragon Fist Lee Sin and a Border for the legendary Dragon Trainer Tristana skin. It seems we'll get some Lunar New Year Dragon content with the arrival of the new Year of the Dragon.

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