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LoL: The LEC 2024 Tierlist - Where Will Your Favorite Team Rank?

Esports 29-12-2023 11:53

With the roster changes, we have some pretty hype new teams! We took a long look at them and ranked them aswell. Jankos Superteam on TOP! 

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Who will win LEC in 2024? | © Riot Games

Quite a few interesting new teams have appeared in this off-season, and now I'm personally pretty hyped about LEC 2024. We took a good look at each roster and ranked them where we think they will end up after the spring split. 

LEC: 2024 Ranking

LEC Tierlist 2024
Our 100% right and true LEC Tierlist.


Team Heretics
  • Wunder
  • Jankos
  • Perkz
  • Flakked
  • Kaiser
Team G2
  • BrokenBlade
  • Yike
  • Caps
  • Hans sama
  • Mikyx
Team Fnatic
  • Oscarinin
  • Razork
  • Humanoid
  • Noah
  • Jun
Team BDS
  • Adam
  • Sheo
  • Nuclearint
  • Ice
  • Labrov
Team Rogue
  • Szygena
  • Markoon
  • Larssen
  • Comp
  • Zoelys
Team KCorp
  • Cabochard
  • Bo
  • Saken
  • Upset
  • Targamas
Team Excel
  • Odoamne
  • Peack
  • Jackisek
  • Patrik
  • IgNar
Team SK Gaming
  • Irrelevant
  • Isma
  • Nisqy
  • Exakick
  • Doss
Team Vitality
  • Photon
  • Daglas
  • Vetheo
  • Carzzy 
  • Hylissang
Team Mad Lions
  • Myrwn
  • Elyoya
  • Fresskowy
  • Supa
  • Alvaro

Personally, I think Team Heretics will win it all. Flakked isn't my favourite ADC, but the team looks absolutely stacked and Super Team level. That unfortunately also means that I'm ranking G2 below, but they will always be the fan favourite in any given LEC scenario. 

The third spot could be between Fnatic and BDS, but I think that BDS was a bit lucky last season, so Fnatic takes the lead. The bottom of the list is filled with players that either haven't been performing too well or with names that we haven't seen before. These teams are basically a wildcard and could surprise us at any time.

What do you think? Where would you rate the teams, and do you think Team Jankos will win it all?

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