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Kalist as a fairy?!

LoL: Riot Reveals New Skin Thematics For 2023 Season

Skins 09-01-2023 16:55
Cats vs Dogs Kled
Kled is looking mighty fine here! | © Riot Games

The wait is over! Finally, we have some news on the upcoming skins and skin lines for the 2023 League of Legends season. This is the most important part of the 2023 Season 13 LoL livestream and finally we know what to save our RP for. 

A few champions who have not gotten skins in centuries will be receiving new skins in 2023, while old thematics are getting a comeback this year. 


Champions Getting New Skins in LoL Season 13

There are quite a few champions that have not gotten skins in a long time, nor any updates to their existing skins like Dr. Mundo. So, Riot is going to take a look and make sure that some of those neglected champions will be getting new skins in 2023. 

  • Aurelion Sol (without stars)
  • Kalista
  • Kled
  • Ivern

These are the champions named in the LoL Season 13 livestream, a special episode of LoL Pls, but of course, we know many more champions will be getting brand-new skins this year. 

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LoL Skin Thematics Coming in 2023

Fae Skins Coming in 2023

One of the new skin thematics mentioned in the broadcast was none other than a Fae Magic skin. Kalista will be receiving a skin in this skin line. We also got to see concept art of Karma in this skin universe, so she will likely be getting a Fae Magic skin as well. 

It was also mentioned that something darker lurks in this universe, so we expect there to be some dark counter as well as part of this skin line which could be quite interesting. 

Return of Cats vs. Dogs

Of course, we cannot overlook the other skin line that was also revealed which is the Cats vs. Dogs skins. These are part of the overall April Fool's skin line so we expect these skins to be released around April 1, 2023. 

Kled was shown to be getting a skin in this alternate universe and with him being such a goofy champion and character in canon, it totally makes sense to see him riding a big fluff ball. 

Those are the upcoming skin thematics and skins for 2023. There will be a lot more skins, but having some fresh new fae skins does seem interesting and the April Fools skins have always been a big hit with both players and fans. 

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