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These skins look beautiful

Riot Reveal New LoL Mythmaker Skins: Cost, Champions, Release

Skins 09-01-2023 14:35
Mythmaker Prestige Sivir Skin
This skin looks beautiful. | © Riot Games

Sivir seems to be the new sweetheart of Riot, receiving her first legendary earlier in 2022, then a mid-scope update which made her the flavour of the month throughout the 2022 Summer Split and now she will also be receiving a prestige skin with the brand-new Mythmaker skins this winter. 

Riot have revealed the first skins for the 2023 League of Legends season. We're going to be celebrating the Lunar New Year in style with the Mythmaker skins that Riot has revealed. A whole bunch of champions will be getting red and gold accentuated skins this winter so let's go over the details right now. 

LoL Mythmaker Skins: Champions and Cost 

Five champions will be getting brand-new Mythmaker skins. Riot is also going to release one prestige skin for Sivir, making it a total of six skins. The skins look incredible and bring a unique twist to a skin theme which we've seen repeated a few times over the years. 

These are all the champions and the skin costs for the upcoming LoL Mythmaker skins in League of Legends: 

Skin NameChampionCost
MythmakerIrelia1820 RP
MythmakerGalio1350 RP
MythmakerZyra1350 RP
MythmakerGaren1350 RP
MythmakerSivir1350 RP
Mythmaker Prestige EditionSivir2,000 Tokens/125 ME

Sivir is going to be getting a prestige skin and it looks absolutely stunning. Of course, the other skins also look incredible. This is going to be Garen's second Chinese-themed skin, but it looks unique enough to enchant the fans once more. Overall these skins look great and unique. 

We are sick and tired of playing against K'Sante already... 

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Will We Get a Lunar New Year Event in 2023? 

In the last few years we've always gotten events with the release of the Lunar New Year skins. With Riot releasing both the Mythmaker skins, as well as Lunar God skins we could see an event. Also, we're going to be getting two prestige skins, one for Sivir and another bringing back Lissandra's Porcelain skin, so we will likely have a Lunar New Year event in League of Legends. 

Release Date for Upcoming Mythmaker Skins in LoL 

These skins are going to be released in League of Legends for the first patch of the year. LoL Patch 13.1 will drop on January 10, 2023 which means the skins will be made available on January 11, 2023. 

So, make sure to have some RP ready for an event pass, as well as these new skins, or are you saving skins for the upcoming Lunar Gods skins instead of the brand-new Mythmaker skins? 

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