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LoL: The Best Irelia Skins

Skins 02-01-2024 20:30

Irelia is a pretty popular champion in League of Legends, just gate kept by how hard she is to play. Fans do love to play her tho, and when they do, they have a plethora of amazing skins to choose from.

Irelia Ionia
Irelia has loads of amazing skins. | © Riot Games

Irelia is featured in some of League of Legends best skin lines, which makes it really hard to choose her 5 best skins. Once you take a closer look though, you see that not everything is as amazing as it used to be and the newer skins are stealing the spotlight from some classics.

These Are The Best Irelia Skins

5. Night Blade Irelia

Nightblade irelia
Night Blade Irelia is just amazing. | © Riot Games

Night Blade Irelia is an incredible skin for the low price of 520 RP. In the Splash Art, you can see her striking an Assassin's Creed Ezio Auditore Pose, and she is also supposed to resemble Black Widow from Marvel.

The skin feels very smooth and turns her usual colorful appearance into an edgy assassin that I really like. Definetly a great bang for your buck and you wont regret your purchase.

4. High Noon Irelia

High noon irelia lol
An Angel amongst devils. | © Riot Games

High Noon is a skin line that combines demons with a wild west theme and while that works for creatures like Hecarim, Tahm Kench and Thresh it looked a bit weird on Irelia. That is, until you play the Skin in the game. At full stacks of her passive Ionian Fervor, she reveals her angelic form and shows how she made her way into this skin line.

The Whipcrack on the E Stun and the High Noon Sound Effect on the Ultimate make this skin absolutely worth.

3. Prestige Project Irelia

Project Irelia prestige splash
Riot when Project Riven!? | © Riot Games

Project Irelia is already amazing and a great combination of blades and metallic components, but the prestige version absolutely takes the cake.

The golden colors just work so well with her animations and the blades, and she looks gorgeous, noble, and intimidating at the same time. 

I understand the normal prestige skin has a hood, and it looks absolutely amazing, but prestige is just a straight-up upgrade in every regard. 

2: Sentinel Irelia

Sentinel Irelia
Best Sentinel Skin by far. | © Riot Games

Sentinel Irelia is a contender for the best Splash Art in the game. Everything is perfect about it. She faces the evil Mist head on with her blades ready and will not budge until those are revenged who were wronged. The Savior of Ionia becomes the Savior of Runeterra in this skin. 

Enough simping about Irelia. How good is the skin? Incredible. The Animations work really well and look smooth as always. The Sound design is perfect, and every ability sounds like the Light of the Sentinels is vibrating even after it is over. During her full stacked passive, she literally becomes the light, which is an incredible detail for this skin line. 

Definitely one of her smoothest skins.

Honorable Mention

Divine Sword Irelia is a skin loved by many. It is inspired by the Chinese solar goddess Xihe, whose chariot is pulled by dragons. If you are into the eastern vibes with dragons and blades, this should absolutely be your go-to skin. Unless you want something a bit more fancy.

1: Mythmaker Irelia

Mythmaker Irelia Splash
Mythmaker Irelia is her best skin. | © Riot Games

The best of the best. Mythmaker is obviously also inspired by Eastern Culture and was released with the Lunar New Year Event in 2023.

There is not a lot to be said about this. The Animations are gorgeous. The Sound Design is stunning. She has updated emotes and normal animations. It's just a great skin and absolutely iconic. 10/10.

Well, this is it with Irelia skins. Do you agree? Let us know in the comments!

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