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LoL Guide: OP Animation Cancels And Mechanics

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We already got over 160 champions in LoL and with it just straight up OP animation cancels and mechanics that will grant you a game advantage. After this guide, you'll easily outplay your opponent and win more games effectively, getting you all the way up on the ranked ladder. So let's get started!

Team Lo L
LoL Guide for OP animation cancels and mechanics. | © Riot Games

We'll introduce you OP animation cancels and mechanics that you should understand and abuse while playing League. Some of them can be used with every champion, others are champion specific. But first, we'll tell you, why some animation cancels and mechanics are really important.

Why Are Certain Animation Cancels And Mechanics OP?

Especially in lower elo, players don't think that animation cancelling is that important and really matters that much. But this is just straight up wrong. You should always try to get the most out of your champion and his abilities, to exploit your potential to the max.

Most of the tricks will also give your enemy far less time to react than they would have otherwise. But enough theory for now. The first mechanic we'll introduce to you is going to be the perfect example of what we described to you.

Animation Cancelling By Using Flash

There is a good reason why Flash is the most played Summoner Spell in LoL. Except maybe in ARAM. I mean, who is not going for the Snowball!? Flash gives almost every champion tons of new play making potential. You can engage, escape, protect your allies and most importantly bridge windup times of your abilities.

Windup time is the time you have to wait for when you begin using a certain ability until it actually triggers. Using Flash, you can completely shorten or remove this "dead time". 

Not only that, but you can increase the effective range of certain abilities such as a Jarvan IV E+Q combo or Vi Q. If you really want to take it up a notch, check out this clip of a Zoe, expanding her Q with literally 3 Flashes. This is just insane:

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A player who is smart and knows how the mechanic works will understand that in every situation if you are committing to use your Flash and your ability, it is always more efficient to cast your ability first and then immediately flash instead of doing it the other way around. 

Great examples are Kennen or Sejuani engaging with their R, cancelling their ult animation. This leads to a play way more unprectiable for your opponents since they got less time to react to your movement.

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5 OP Animation Cancels For Specific Champions


Next, we'll talk about Darius and his Q. This time it's not about cancelling an animation, but rather use it in a more efficient way. 

Even the most simple champs got some cool animation cancels. | © Riot Games

Since Darius got a relatively long cast time on his Q, you can use your Q and then Flash to reposition and hit your opponent with the edge of your blade, dealing more damage and healing yourself. This will guarantee a hit exactly where you want your Q to be. It's also way harder to predict for your enemy.

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Yasuo got tons of tricks to cancel animations, especially combined with Flash. However, I'll show you the most important one that you should master if you're a Yasuo main. Hopefully, there are not that many of you guys. 

Inkshadow Yasuo
Yasuo is annoying but so strong. | © Riot Games

A typical Yasuo player would flash and then EQ to get in range of the enemy. You read this OP guide about animation cancels and mechanics, though, being better than the average player:

  1. Have your knock up ready on your Q
  2. EQ to a minion
  3. immediately flash to reposition the knock up
  4. changing the location of the knock up, you can now ult your enemy

It may take some practice, but once you get the hang out of it, it's worth it. 

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Lee Sin

It's the most popular combo champion of them all: Lee Sin. And for a good reason. With his huge presence in Esports due to his huge play making potential, inSec, a retired Esports player, gave Lee Sin his name-giving mechanic: The insec

Legendary Lee sin lol
Esports favorite champ with tons of potential. | © Riot Games

With this combo, you can do some sick plays by repositioning your opponents to your advantage. I don't think it makes much sense to describe to you how it works, since you'll understand it with a combo guide way easier, so here you go:

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Keep in mind, that there are tons of other crazy combos you can do with this champ. However, this still might be the most crucial one. 


Just like every other champ in this list, Akali is a high mechanical champ with some crazy combos. 

Akali 14
Probably the most annoying assassin to play against if your enemy knows exactly what he's doing | © Riot Games

The most important one, though, is turning your E skill shot to a targeted ability. And it's not even that hard! Here is what you need to do:

  1. R1 your enemy 
  2. Keep your cursor exactly over your opponent
  3. Spam E while dashing with your R1
  4. Like this, Your E will land on top of your target

With a guaranteed hit with your E, you can demolish your enemies, giving you the perfect kill combo, since you can finish off your opponent by E-ing and immediately casting R2 to execute them.

A short clip for easier understanding:

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Easy to learn, but hard to master. Caitlyn might be not the most complex champion. But to find out what strength is behind her, you need to perfectly place your W and since its hit box is a tiny circle, it can be rough sometimes. 

Caitlyn Battle Academia Skin
Who doesn't like an adc that can literally one shot opponents?! | © Riot Games

Since your caliber net got a range of 750 and your traps a range of 800, you can use E into your W animation, though. Your net slows your opponent by 50 percent for 1 second, helping you to assure that your trap hits and giving you a double headshot.

Another cool animation cancel you can do with Cait is E-ing and immediately Q-ing, bridging the cast time of your Q with your E.

If you combine these 2 mechanics, you can do insane one shot combos with her, giving you 2 headshots and a Q as guaranteed hits.

You can even auto attack and instantly W afterward to hide a small part of your trap animation. This might take a bit of practice till you understand how it works, since you also need to read your enemies' movement.

Still don't have enough of Caitlyn combos? Here are some more sick plays you can do with her:

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You reached the end of the guide and with it all the knowledge you need about broken animation cancels and mechanics. Good Job!

If you want to find out more about animation and cancel guides in general, check out the video below:

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