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LoL: These Are Skins Riot Has To Make

Skins 23-02-2024 15:15

Riot Games is pumping out skins every patch. While everyone is just hoping that their main gets a new one there are also people who just wish it would be the right one. Some skin concepts would be just so amazing I think Riot is afraid of making THAT much money.

Kled 0
Riot. I beg. Give me Dragon Trainer Kled. | © Riot Games

Riot Games has some of the most talented artists in the entire gaming industry that work tirelessly to give us the best products they can. Every patch we get amazing skins for some champions, and we pray every time that our main is next. Naturally some champion communities are wanting some very special skins for their champion that goes beyond the wish for an elusive legendary skin. 

Skin concepts are a fun and wholesome way for players to discuss thematic options for their favourite champions. How would X-Champ look in X-Skin line? 

LoL: These Are The Skins The Players Want To See

Lux 0
Lux is already in most skin lines but she just works so incredibly well. | © Riot Games

Obviously everyone wants something else, preferably for their main champion but most players can agree that some champions could use a certain thematic better than others.

1. Lore Skins

King Viego Skin Splash
There is even a Gwen in the background. | © Riot Games

King Viego was amazing. Forseen Yasuo is great. Freljord Sylas is incredible. Riot we need more of this. And please give Kalista her Ruination skin, thank you!

2. Knockout Vi and Sett

Knockout Lee Sin
I miss when Riot did thematics like these. | © Riot Games

Knockout Lee Sin was released in 2015 and has brought a really cool thematic that sadly was never used again. Both Vi and Sett are also fighting with their fists and would make cool additions to the Knockout Roster. Unfortunately the Lee Sin skin is not really popular, so this would be quite a shot in the dark for Riot.

If that's too much to ask for, I'll be happy with God Fist.

3. More Christmas Joke Skins

Candy Kayn, K'Santa, Shen-ta, Tryndamerry… yes the last one was a bit of a stretch, but you know what I mean. We got Draven Draven and Bard Bard, and we can definitely use some more Joke skins in the game. Especially around Christmastime. 

4. Dragon Skins

Dragonslayer Kayle and Dragon Guardian Galio
Dragon Slayer and Dragon Guardian needs a come back. | © Riot Games

Dragon Trainers and Dragonslayers. Probably the best thematic out there because who does not like dragons!? Some of these skins have released before you even started playing, but they are still top tier. Just look at Dragonslayer Pantheon. 

We got new elemental drakes and even Smolder as a champion. It's about time we get some more Dragon skins. Dragon Trainee Smolder or even Shyvana could be an amazing skin idea.

I know that I am going to sound a bit biased here but please Riot Games just give me a Kled Skin where he is a Dragon Slayer but found a new best friend in Skaarl. (Or give him a High Noon Skin, I'm fine with both)

5. Arcana Twisted Fate

Arcana camille
Twisted Fate got robbed. | © Riot Games

It's a skin line that revolves around cards. And the only champion that uses cards did not get one. This is a crime.

6. Pool Party

Obviously everyone wants Pool Party Ahri, but I am here to tell you that a surprisingly big amount of players would like to see Pool Party Gragas. I dont know why either.

7. God-King

God king darius lol
One of the best skins in the game. | © Riot Games

God King Darius and Garen are some of the most popular skins in the game and rightfully so. They are absolutely amazing. Just the right amount of personality, badass, and armor to appeal to everyone playing these champions. What if we just… made more? Eternal conflicts are a a thing in Runeterra so we might as well just get God King Renekton and Nasus, Ascended Azir and Xerath or even God King Pantheon versus Aatrox.

8. Retro

The 80s are making a comeback, and we can definitely use some more of their groove. While space groove is providing the music we still need some better thematics for old school cool. Orianna with a disco ball? Back-to-the-future Ezreal? Sign me up!

9. Old God

Old God Mordekaiser
Riot. More of this. He commands it. | © Riot Games

We have a few Old God skins that are obviously eldritch inspired so why not make Cthulhu Karthus? Old God Aurelion Sol? Eldritch horrors have always been a very cool design that we could certainly use some more of in League of Legends.

10. Monster Tamer

Monster Tamer Lulu Kog Maw
I love the dynamic between the two. | © Riot Games

I loved what they did with Monster Tamer Lulu and Kog'Maw and I think there are a few champions that would fit this skin line really well. Monster Tamer Sejuani or Quinn could be great options and even Janna could have a little pet flying around.

What skin line would you like to see added to the game? 

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