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LoL Mythic Shop | What's in the Shop?

Guides 22-02-2024 16:59

The Mythic Shop updates every few Months. Here's whats currently available.

Ashen Knight Pantheon skin splash
Patiently waiting for this year's mythic thematic. | © Riot Games

The mythic shop gives players a chance to purchase older prestige skins, as well as get their hands on brand-new mythic skins and unique new skin lines. 

So, now we are going to take a look at what is in the mythic shop this month, what it even is and which skins you'll be able to get with the new mythic currency called Mythic Essence. Let's go over the whole new Riot Games mythic content shop! 


What is the LoL Mythic Shop? 

The LoL Mythic Shop is a shop within the League of Legends client in which players can spend mythic essence to purchase mythic content like skins, emotes and even orange and blue essence. 

How Does the Mythic Shop Work? 

The shop is available in your 'Loot' page. You merely have to press on the mythic essence you own and you'll be shown all the content in the shop. As already mentioned, this can range from skins, emotes to mere orange essence. You can choose to save up mythic essence or spend it on a skin if you have enough. 

Bewitched Morgana Prestige
Morgana's Prestige skin could be on sale soon! | © Riot Games

Each month, new skins will be made available in the Mythic shop. Mythic skins, like the Crystalis Motus Ashe skin, as well as older Hextech skins will cost 100 Mythic essence. 

Prestige skins will also be unvaulted each month. Upon the first unvaulting the skins will cost 125 ME, while the second will cost 150 ME, and the third – and all consecutive unvaults – will cost 200 ME. 

Normally, two prestige skins get unvaulted each month for players to purchase with their Mythic Essence. So, if you want a specific skin, be quick to get it before it might be gone! 

What is in the Mythic Shop for LoL Patch 14.4? 

As of June 2022, we will be getting a monthly Prestige skin rotation, while the other mythic skins in the shop will rotate every three months.

Porcelain Kindred
Kindred is getting a Prestige Skin in 2024. | © Riot Games

Skins Available in the Mythic Shop 

These are the prestige and mythic skins Riot Games has made available for players: 

Champion Skin

Porcelain Kindred125 ME

Mythmaker Sivir

125 ME
K/DA Ahri200 ME
Battle Academia Leona

150 ME

Star Guardian Neeko200 ME
Hextech Alistar100 ME
Crystalis Motus Ashe100 ME
Hextech Malzahar100 ME
Crystalis Motus Ashe
Crystalis Motus Ashe is going to stay for a while. I dont mind it. | © Riot Games

Accessories Available in the Mythic Shop

Much like skins, accessories are also going to be made available for players to pick up with Mythic Essence. The content in the accessory section is also going to be rotating, just like the skins. 

Reclaimed Chroma for Crystalis Motus Ashe + Icon40 ME
Random Skin Shard 10 ME
150 Blue Essence 1 ME
50 Orange Essence 1 ME

We do not suggest buying the Random Skin Shard, Blue Essence or Orange Essence, since there are easier and much cheaper ways to get those. Save Mythic Essence for something better. 

When is the Next Mythic Shop Rotation? 

The next Mythic Shop rotation is going to be in March. In LoL Patch 14.4, we are going to get some brand-new unvaulted prestige skins from Riot. If you don't want to wait until then to find out which skins you can purchase in the next rotation, you can check out this article!

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