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New LoL Empyrean Skins: Price, Champions & Release

Skins 17-10-2022 18:40
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These skins look funky. | © Riot Games

Riot have just dropped the trailer to the newest upcoming skins. They're set in a crazy futuristic universe filled with bright colours and insane masks. Honestly, it looks incredible. 

So, which champions will be getting Empyrean skins? With the release of K'Sante on the horizon he will be one of the champions on the list as well, but who else joins him in this crazy colourful world Riot is creating? 


Empyrean Skins: Champions Receiving Skins

In total eight champions will be receiving skins for the Empyrean skin line. Sorry Ornn and Zilean mains you won't be getting skins this time around, even if they're some of the most neglected champions. But honestly, these skins look dope and we think more will be added in the future, so of course we can always hope for Empyrean Zilean then. 

  • Empyrean Pyke
  • Empyrean Jhin
  • Empyrean Jax
  • Empyrean Vex
  • Empyrean Zac
  • Epyrean Zed
  • Empyrean Lux
  • Empyrean K'Sante 

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Another Lux Skin in 2022

At the beginning of 2022 Lux received a new skin and with the Empyrean Skin she is going to overtake both Miss Fortune and Ezreal in the amount of skins she has. Some fans are upset that she is receiving another skin though, since champions like Ivern, Ornn and Zilean haven't gotten skins in what feels like eons. 

How Much Will the Empyrean Skins Cost?

Pyke is going to be getting a legendary skin for this skin line. So his skin will cost you 1820 RP. The other skins will be epic skins priced as 1350 RP. We also know that Riot worked alongside Lil Nas X to make a brand-new prestige skin for K'Sante which will also be available upon release. 


Empyrean Skins 2022: Release Date

These skins are going to release with League of Legends Patch 12.21. In the next patch 12.20 we will have another batch of Bewitching skins, which means that on November 3, 2022 you will be able to pick up these skins in the League of Legends shop. 

Skins always enter the client a day after the patch drops so expect them then. These skins look incredible and very fun, though many fans are upset that Lux is getting another skin. 

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