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Star Guardian Skins please!

Which Skins Have Been Leaked in League of Legends?

Star Guardian Ahri
Will we get a Star Guardian Event? | © Riot Games

League of Legends releases skins every two weeks. Some skins are surprises, while others have been announced by Riot ahead of time. Other skins are also kept a secret, but data miners and leakers always find a way to give us the information we seek. 

So, let's check out which skins have been leaked for 2022 already, and which skin leaks were actually accurate by the infamous leakers in the League of Legends community. If you don't want to potentially be spoiled... why are you even here? 


What Skins Have Been Leaked in 2022? 

There are quite a few skins where information has already trickled through to players. Sure, things like Pussy Shooter Kai'Sa make their way to Twitter every once in a while. Sure, Bluest Blue Taliyah might sound nice, but is that really the long-awaited Taliyah skin we want? 

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So let's ignore all the troll .txt files and images of notepad and check out which skins have been leaked by reputable sources where we know that information could be true. 

Odyssey Skin Leaks

BigBadBear recently released a video in which he talks about a Chinese leaker revealing new skins coming to League of Legends in 2022. BigBadBear did state that the Chinese leaker had been wrong before, so we should take these leaks with a grain of salt, but it seems like Odyssey skins will make a comeback this year. 

One of the champions named to be getting an Odyssey skin in 2022 is none other than Renekton himself. This is just a leak and could be wrong, but let's go for it, because Odyssey skins are amazing. 

  • Odyssey Renekton

Next Ashen Knight Skin Leaked

Skin leaks from reliable sources seem to just be flowing in these days. If you're excited for more mythic content after playing with your brand new Ashen Knight Pyke skin, then you've got reason to be hyped. According to sources, the next mythic skin will release in Patch 12.12 when the mythic store rotates. So, who will be the next Ashen Knigth skin holder? 

  • Ashen Knight Pantheon

This skin concept fits perfectly with Pantheon and from what we've seen in the leaks this skin will be fire. Players should also expect an icon, border and everything else they received for Pyke with the unveiling of Ashen Knight Pantheon. 

Conqueror Skin Leaked

One more skin has been leaked by BigBadBear on YouTube which is a potential new Conqueror skin for an unnamed champion. Now, who would fit the bill for such a skin? 

Fiddlesticks is still waiting for his skin from 2021 and Rell is also in desperate need for a new skin. She hasn't gotten one since her release back in December 2020. 

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Star Guardian Skins Leaked

These skins will come later in Season 12 – some believe around Patch 12.13 or 12.14 – so we have less solid information on which champions, but some gameplay has been leaked online already for the upcoming legendary Kai'Sa skin. Yes, you heard that right, Kai'Sa is getting a Star Guardian skin and a few other champions join her. 

Which Champions Will Get Star Guardian Skins? 

We already mentioned the legendary Kai'Sa skin which is going to be released at some point in 2022, but there are a few other skin concepts of Caitlyn and Akali that have leaked a while back as well. According to some sources, we are going to be getting two prestige skins for Star Guardian champions. One of which seems to be Ekko, while the other remains a mystery.

According to BigBadBear on YouTube, the second prestige skin could be a champion from a previous Star Guardian release. Either Syndra or Janna could be given the prestige skin. Not only that, but Akali is apparently also receiving a legendary skin, just like Kai'Sa. 

  • Star Guardian Kai'Sa (Legendary)
  • Star Guardian Akali (Legendary)
  • Star Guardian Caitlyn
  • Star Guardian Ekko
  • Star Guardian Ekko Prestige Edition 
  • Star Guardian Rell
  • Star Guardian Sona
  • Star Guardian Morgana
  • Star Guardian Fiddlesticks
  • Star Guardian Taliyah
  • Star Guardian Quinn

BigBadBear has revealed a video with huge Star Guardian leaks. We are getting closer and closer to the release patch of these skins and it seems more information is trickling in. Taliyah could finally be getting a new skin so let's just hope it isn't blue... because all ehr skins are blue. 

Morgana, Rell and Sona are also newly added to the list of leaked Star Guardian skins, as well as the next Melee Bot Laner, but with Bel'Veth just releasing in Patch 12.11 it might not be too credible to have the melee bot laner released a patch after, right? 

One more skin he leaked was a Seraphine Star Guardian skin, but she just got an Ocean Song skin in LoL Patch 12.11 so the Star Guardian Seraphine is probably just a Wild Rift exclusive.

Okay guys, one name should definitely stand out though, right? And that is Fiddlesticks. Yes according to BigBadbear, Fiddle will be getting a Star Guardian skin and become the Star Guardians nemesis. Pretty funny, right? WHo would have thought....

Ocean Song
I love these skins already. | © Riot Games

Confirmed League of Legends Skin Leaks

Confirmed: Ocean Song in Patch 12.11

We thought we would be getting some new Pool Party skins this year, but instead, we will get a whole new Ocean Song skin line. This is a fun skin line with the following champions: 

  • Ocean Song Seraphine
  • Ocean Song Seraphine Prestige
  • Ocean Song Nidalee
  • Ocean Song Yone
  • Ocean Song Zeri
  • Ocean Song Ashe

Confirmed: Battle Boss Bel'Veth in Patch 12.11

The release skin for Bel'Veth has also been confirmed, and she will be getting a Battle Boss skin upon release. Actually, the skin is kind of fitting and look amazing. 

Confirmed: High Noon Part 2 in Patch 12.10 

As predicted there will be more High Noon skins coming in League of Legends Patch 12.10. Not only will we be getting a huge durability update, but there will be more High Noon skins for champions we already saw in the first part. 

Confirmed High Noon Skins

  • High Noon Tahm Kench
  • High Noon Viktor
  • High Noon Twitch
  • High Noon Sion
  • High Noon Samira

Confirmed: High Noon in Patch 12.9

The High Noon skins for League of Legends have been confirmed for League of Legends Patch 12.9. There will be a total of five champions receiving skins, with Talon getting a prestige skin and Leona her second legendary. 

Confirmed High Noon Skins

  • High Noon Leona (Legendary)
  • High Noon Talon 
  • High Noon Talon Prestige
  • High Noon Mordekaiser
  • High Noon Varus
  • High Noon Katarina

Confirmed: EDG Worlds Skins in Patch 12.9

The EDG skins leaked ahead of time and Riot even released the official splash art earlier because of the leaks which confirmed that Lulu won't be receiving a skin this year. But what other champions are going to be getting EDG skins? 

Confirmed EDG Skins

  • EDG Graves
  • EDG Viego
  • EDG Zoe
  • EDG Aphelios
  • EDG Yuumi

Can You Believe All Skin Leaks? 

You'll have to take all the information on champions and skins here with a grain of salt. These are leaks and are subject to change. Yes, we have video evidence of a few leaks and Riot has stated that High Noon and Star Guardian skins will be making a return this year, but they never specified when or which champions. 

Therefore, make sure not to believe everything you read online, or you might truly believe Pussy Shooter Caitlyn is a real thing.