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Riot Reveal Upcoming LoL Heartache & Heartthrob Skins

Heartache and Heartthrob Cait and Vi
They're canon in this AU! | © Riot Games

Riot just revealed their next new skin line for 2023 and we're heading back to high school with some fan favorite champions! This is every fanfic writer's dream and the skins are extremely adorable for Valentine's Day 2023. 

Which League of Legends champions will be receiving skins this Valentine's Day, and how much will they cost? Let's go over everything we know about the upcoming Heartache and Heartthrob skins in LoL! 


Upcoming LoL Skins: Heartache & Heartthrob Champions

Three champions will be getting skins for Valentine's Day this year. Riot might be suffering after a cyber-attack completely ruined their PBE build for the last few weeks, but the skins team plans to release these three skins for Valentine's Day. 

These champions will get Heartache & Heartthrob skins:

  • Amumu
  • Caitlyn
  • Vi

In this alternate universe Vi and Caitlyn are a couple, as shown by their individual backing animations, where Vi forces open a locker to put in a heart shaped paper, while Caitlyn opens her locker to find the same exact heart right there. 

Amumu on the other hand is the popular 2010s emo kid and also receives some love for Valentine's Day in 2023 which is adorable in its own way and we're totally here for it. 

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Heartache & Heartthrob Skin Prices

These skins are all classified as Epic Tier skins, which means they're going to cost 1350 RP. They'll also likely be legacy skins, which only return around Valentine's Day every year, but that has not been revealed yet by Riot. 

League of Legends Heartache & Heartthrob Skin Release

These skins should be released in LoL Patch 13.3. Due to the cyber-attack, it's currently difficult to make it onto the PBE server, which means that it might take a while until players get to test them out, but the plan from Riot is still to release these skins on February 9, a day after Patch 13.3 drops. 

The upcoming Lunar Gods skins might be released alongside these skins, as well as the Porcelain Lissandra prestige skin Riot has already revealed. This could mean that the event shop for the Lunar Revel event will also be elongated due to the issues with the cyberattack. 

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