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Ever wondered what the PBE is?

LoL PBE: Everything You Need To Know

Guides 30-04-2024 17:02

You've probably heard it a million times: LoL PBE. But what is it exactly, and can you download it yourself? All the answers right here.

Lol pbe
Everything you need to know about the LoL PBE. | © Riot Games

The LoL PBE server can be a bit of an enigma at first. Maybe you've been playing League for a year and are still unsure about what it really is. That's what we want to go over today. What is PBE and can you maybe download it yourself?

PBE LoL: This is What You Need to Know

PBE means Public Beta Environment and is a test server where Riot will launch buffs, nerfs, system changes, champions and skins before they will come to our standard LoL client. This is used so that players can test out certain things before they officially go live and give Riot feedback on whether everything is okay or not.

Sounds cool right? Being able to play new champions and new skins before they officially release? If you agree and want to test it out, you can! Here is how!

This is How You Download the LoL PBE

There are two requirements to fulfill in order to be able to download the PBE server of League of Legends. In theory, they should be easy to achieve... unless you're toxic.

  • Your account must not have any bans or chat restrictions
  • Your account must be Honor Level 3 or higher

If both these requirements are met, then you can move on to the next step.

How To Install LoL PBE

  • Sign up to the PBE here
  • Once you've signed up, you will be returned to the same page as above, only that this time, you will need to check my eligibility
  • Riot will then quickly check that
  • If you're good to go, you can set a new username and password for the PBE client
  • Hit Sign me up
  • Download the PBE client for either Windows or Mac
Lo L PBE Download
Now you just need to download a new client and you're good to go! | © Riot Games

Once you've downloaded and installed the client, you will be able to select the PBE server (click the little arrow besides play and select the PBE server. Otherwise, you will go to your normal account). Once you're in, you will see a tutorial. Either skip it or watch it. After that, you're in. 

Like in the screenshot above, you can see that where the red arrow points, you can give feedback. The main reason – except for looking at pretty skins, of course – to even have a PBE account is to test out stuff before it goes live. If you do it, then give Riot some feedback. They'd appreciate it.

How To Uninstall LoL PBE?

The same way you would uninstall any other program on your computer. Delete it through your apps. No need for anything special here.

Alright, now that the basics are out of the way, let's answer some more frequently asked questions about the PBE server.

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How To Get Skins On PBE In LoL?

Each day, you will earn 3000 RP if you play a match made game. This only works once a day and will allow you to purchase skins before you buy them in actual League. Not sure whether a skin is worth it? Just try it out in PBE first.

Can You Play Rank On PBE In LoL?

Yes, you can play rank as you normally would on PBE. Whether that's wise or not I leave up to you. Many people have latency issues on rank. That might ruin your game which would suck hard if you were to play ranked.

And there you have it. Everything you need to know about LoL PBE. Make sure to check out some of these new Ocean Song skins before they hit the rift to see whether or not a purchase is worth it.