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New LoL Mythic Skin Line Confirmed

Ashen Knight Pyke
League of Legends: Who is ready for a new seasonal mythic skin line?. | © Riot Games

In 2022 Riot revealed a new plan for mythic content when they announced their mythic overhaul. One of the things the team had been working on were seasonal mythic skins, that would change thematic each year. 

With the recent release of Ashen Guardian Shen onto the PBE Server for LoL Patch 13.6, some fans were confused, thinking that they would be getting a new mythic thematic in 2023. Thankfully, Riot was quick to explain the situation. 

Riot Reveal Info on New Mythic Skin Line

Ashen Guardian Shen is a pretty solid skin and fits perfectly into the dark world that Riot created for the first seasonal mythic skin line. His reveal did cause some confusion though within the community, many asking whether we were going to be getting a new mythic skin line this year. 

BessWisty asked on Twitter about the skin line, wondering why a new skin line hadn't been announced yet. Initial players were led to believe that each year a new mythic skin line would be released. 

Riot Brightmoon answered their question, revealing that they will have a new mythic thematic. He also explained that the mythic skin lines won't fall perfectly into a calendar year, hence why Ashen Guardian Shen will be released in 2023. 

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When Will The New Seasonal Mythic Skin Line Release? 

Riot Brightmoon also confirmed that Ashen Guardian Shen will be the final Ashen Knight skin that we are going to be receiving. With his skin hitting the live servers in League of Legends Patch 13.6, and each mythic skin sticking around in the shop for 3-months, we can expect a new mythic skin line in late spring/early summer. 

This means that in LoL Patch 13.12 we should be getting a new mythic skin line. Hopefully, Riot will reveal some information about the new mythic skin line going forward, so players know whether they want to save up their mythic essence or use it now on the final Ashen Knight skin. 

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