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We want to honor our opponents again!

5 Things Riot Should Bring Back Into League of Legends

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League of Legends has been around for 13-years and some of the older features should honestly get a comeback. With the awful start to LoL Season 13, it has older fans wishing for better times and begging for some of these features to finally make a comeback to LoL and to the client.

Petition to bring back santa baron! | © Riot Games

Riot Games is constantly changing their game, and new patches come out every month. When changing the game as often as Riot does, something is bound to be left in the dark, not to be brought back again. Here are five things Riot has removed from the game that we believe deserve another chance.

League of Legends: Things Riot Should Bring Back

1. Dominion

Dominion League of Legends
Please bring Dominion back! | © Riot Games

Dominion came out in 2011 and was a great alternative for players tilted from the usual League of Legends madness we find in Summoner’s Rift.

Similar to the normal LoL Game Mode, the goal of the game was to destroy the enemy nexus, but the way this was done was completely different. Dominion is similar to the Capture the Flag mode you find in several games. Basically, you had to hold several capture points with your team, and the nexus would take damage for every capture point held. So, the more points you would control the more health would be taken from the enemy nexus. 

Dominion was one of the first game modes offered by Riot and was a part of the client during a time when League of Legends had not found its identity yet. As League of Legends developed over time, the game developers eventually decided it was time to let the game go. 

Even though Dominion had some regular players, it wasn’t enough to uphold the game. League of Legends also started to face an issue where Dominion would be used to level up bots.

After its removal, several fans started longing back to the “good ol’ days” when they could completely change the way of playing League with Dominion. We would really love to see Dominion make a comeback in LoL, and if not as a permanent game mode, maybe as one of the featured game modes like URF, One for All, and Ultimate Spellbook

2. Honor Opponent

Honorable opponent
If you were honored enough times by your opponents, you would receive this on your home screen. | © Riot Games

The past honor system had some great features. Until Patch 7.13, honors were sorted in a four-tier system consisting of these categories: 

  • Friendly: Had a positive impact on your game and made the match enjoyable, regardless if you won or lost.
  • Helpful: Shared their knowledge and actively helped other players improve their gameplay.
  • Honorable Opponent player on the opposing team, remaining humble in victory or graceful in defeat and/or remained positive throughout the game.
  • Teamwork: Put their team ahead of themselves. For example, helping lanes that are struggling or contributing in making plans for the team.

Even though many of these past honors are similar to the ones we had in the past, we are no longer able to honor our opponents. Now, we do understand why it is no longer the case. Often, teammates can sabotage their own team and still receive an honor from the opponents because they assisted them to their victory.

But sometimes it happens when you have a game where your opponent is genuinely nice and make your game experience more enjoyable, despite winning or losing, and we believe having an honor category for these instances would be great. 

3. Christmas-Themed Summoner’s Rift

Back in the days before the Elemental Dragon changes, we used to receive a special Christmas-themed Summoner’s Rift. During the Christmas season, the map changed to a snowy landscape, with cozy candles and presents spread across Rift. Even Baron Nashor had a makeover for Christmas, where they added a little Santa hat for the monster. 

We loved the Christmas map. For many, having the scenery change completely during Christmas was a big boost for the holiday spirit, and we don’t understand why Riot stopped implementing the Christmas map changes. 

Riot Games did come out with a reason for the removal of the Christmas-themed Summoner’s Rift. They explained that the implementation takes a lot of work, especially after the Elemental Rift changes, and the short duration of the Christmas map was apparently not worth it. 

But come on Riot. We understand that it might be more work now because of the current map changes in-game depending on the third dragon, but IT’S CHRISTMAS. Also, Youtuber RossBoomsocks came out with a video showing that it is not as much work as Riot makes it out to be. 

It could also pay off for Riot to have the changes up and running. I mean, the Christmas skin sales are bound to go up when they hype up the map in addition, right?

So don’t be a Grinch Riot! Instead, please bring back the Christmas-themed Summoner’s Rift.

4. Zz’Rot Portal

This one might be a bit more controversial. Zz’Rot Portal used to be a legendary item in League of Legends until it was removed in Patch 9.23.

The item would give 125% base health regeneration, 55+ armor, and 55+ magic resistance. But the interesting part of the item was its unique active: 

The item would spawn a Void Gate at the target location for 120 seconds. After the Void Gate was placed, it would start summoning Voidspawns every four seconds, traveling down the nearest lane and losing health over time. The Voidspawns would help you push in a lane by attacking enemy minions and the turret. 

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Riot explained the item would be removed because the item did not involve enough champion interaction. The item allowed players to play a pretty niche play style with a particular split push strategy, which we miss having in League of Legends. 

5. Twisted Treeline

Old Twisted Treeline Map
We want to play on this map again! | © Riot Games

The final thing we wish to return to League of Legends is Twisted Treeline. Matches on Twisted Treeline were played the same way as in Summoner’s Rift but were instead a 3v3. The map consisted of two lanes and a jungle. Because of the maps’ size, the matches were usually shorter and consisted of more kills during a game. Twisted Treeline was also the only other map besides the Summoner’s Rift where you could play ranked.

Similar to Dominion, Riot Games decided to remove the game because of the lack of players playing the game regularly and the rising amount of bots using the map to level up. 

We miss Twisted Treeline because it allowed a game mode where you could play with your friends and try out different combos. Maybe it could come back as one of the featured game modes.

What things do you wish to return to League of Legends? 

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