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Snow skins in summer... sure, why not.

New Snow Moon Skins | Release Date, Champions & More

Skins 08-06-2022 10:31
Snow Moon Caitlyn
I am in love. | © Riot Games

There are so many skin lines in League of Legends. So many options. But Riot decides to make "Snow" skins in summer. We love it.

Usually, Riot, or more specifically, the LoL Twitter account, is pretty good with releasing skins every other Tuesday at around the same time. This time, however, the skins got leaked beforehand and Twitter was on fire. Why? Well, there are a couple of possible reasons, all have to do with the champions that will get a Snow Moon skin.


Which Champions Will Receive Snow Moon Skins?

Are you ready? You already know Caitlyn will receive a Snow Moon skin from the picture above, but who else?

  • Snow Moon Caitlyn
  • Snow Moon Illaoi
  • Snow Moon Kayn

Kayn and Illaoi, guys! Illaoi, guys! We're finally getting a new Illaoi skin! It's been like 4 years, maybe even longer. Man, I can't even believe it.

Also, Kayn is looking so good that I might just become a jungle main, simply for this skin. Then again, I'm quite comfortable down in the bot lane and that Caitlyn skin is by far my favorite. 

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Are We Getting A Snow Moon Event?

We probably won't be getting a Snow Moon Event. The skins are just too few to justify an event and events usually only happen with prominent skin lines like High Noon or Spirit Blossom. Maybe one day in the future because in general, these skins are bomb and could use a couple more champions.


How Much Will the Snow Moon Skins Cost?

These skins are going to be 1350 RP each. We're assuming they're all epic skins and not any 1820 legendary skins. We've been fed with multiple legendary skins throughout the last few patches with Leona getting her second, Sivir her first and even Miss Fortune receiving a legendary skin during the Anima Squad event. 

Ashe Dashboard Specific Banner
Click me! | © Riot Games/RiftFeed

When Will the Snow Moon Skins Release?

The Snow Moon skins are going to be released in League of Legends Patch 12.12. If you're unsure when that is, we have an entire Patch schedule for you right here.

So, will you be getting one of the Snow Moon skins? Maybe even all of them? I feel like all of us owe it to Illaoi to get hers.