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"Riot Is Going Crazy" LoL Fans Call For Boycott Over $200 Skin

Skins 17-08-2023 17:32
Dark Cosmic Jhin 2023
LoL: Riot is doing something wrong with their monetization model right now. | © Riot Games

Riot Games is continuously raking in L's this year. Let's forget about the awful start to the season, but look at recent history and what Riot has been doing wrong. 

While the new game mode, Arena, was a huge hit, the "ultimate skin" for Samira was more Legendary+ than ultimate... and the fact that it was the charity skin stung even more. Now, it looks like gacha is going to be introduced to the game as well with a brand-new Jhin skin. 

LoL Community Rages Over Gacha Skin 

League of Legends has never been a gacha game. It never will be a gacha game either. While there have been gacha systems in place with games like TFT, most players were happy this type of unfair system never made its way to actual League of Legends. 

Sure, in China, some specific chromas can only be obtained through gacha systems, but that's a whole different continent and it honestly feels like the Chinese League of Legends server is in a complete different stratosphere from the western League client.

Then, on August 15, 2023 Riot released the newest set of skins that will make their debut in LoL Patch 13.17. Cosmic Bel'Veth, Cosmic Nunu & Willump, along with Sion and Nautilus. Nice. 

Then, at the end, a whole new Jhin skin was also shown. Weird, Jhin already has a Dark Cosmic skin, no? This had many believing that Riot added in a brand-new mythic chroma into the skin preview. 

Only a day later, all the hopes and dreams of Jhin mains were shattered. This was not a mythic chroma for 40 ME. No, this was a whole new skin. Dark Cosmic Erasure Jhin has entered the chat and as data minters found out more, the more unhappy the community became. 

The skin seems to be only available through the Cosmic 2023 Capsule. That isn't the entire kicker, though:

Open to reveal three random skin shards with a chance to obtain a Cosmic 2023 Grab Bag OR Dark Cosmic Erasure Jhin

Apparently, players might have to buy 30 capsules to be guaranteed the Dark Cosmic Erasure Jhin skin. Thanks to content creator I Keep It Taco, we even have a monetary value for 30 capsules in League of Legends: $200. 

The community is outraged on Twitter and on Reddit, some even calling on others to boycott the capsules.

Hopefully Riot will clear things up, because as it stands, the whole community feels like they're being toyed with right now. Sure, League of Legends is a free to play game and skins aren't a necessity, but blocking skins behind a gacha system just feels wrong. 

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