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LoL Worlds 2023: Venue Announced For NA vs. EU Qualifying Series

News 17-08-2023 12:30
Golden G Uardians vs EU Worlds Qualifying Series
The 4th placed European team vs the 4th placed North American team|©Riot Games (Montage)

Participating in the World Championship is a truly exceptional accomplishment across all sports. This sentiment holds true in the realm of League of Legends esports where athletes put in a year of hard work to qualify for the event in South Korea. This year, for two of the best Western teams, an additional opportunity for qualification awaits - the Worlds Qualifying Series, marking its inaugural run.

In this Best of 5 series, the 4th ranked teams from the LCS (NA Region) and the LEC (EMEA Region) will compete head-to-head for the final Play-In Stage berth at Worlds. Here, we present everything you need to know about the teams, format, and key dates.

LoL Worlds 2023: Qualifying Series To Be Hosted in South Korea

For a considerable time, the League of Legends community buzzed with speculations about the location of this pivotal series. Consensus emerged that it should be held on neutral grounds where NA and EU could collide. Now, the official word is out - the teams will converge on South Korea, the host nation of Worlds 2023, to vie for the coveted last Play-In Stage slot.

According to the official LoL Esports Twitter account, the Worlds Qualifying Series is set to occur on October 9, 2023, at the iconic LoL Park in Seoul.

While the initial plan was to hold the Worlds Qualifying Series in North America, the decision has been made to shift the event to South Korea. This change allows potential teams more time for preparation in the host region, reduces travel, and provides opportunities for scrims against qualified Worlds teams ahead of the Play-In Stage.

This decision stands to benefit the potential victors of the Qualifying Series. Without this shift, they would have had significantly less time to gear up for the World Championship. Moreover, being in the same city as other international teams lends a sense of participation in Worlds, which might help the defeated teams cope with their loss, at least to some extent.

Riot Games also announced that additional details regarding ticketing and broadcasting for the series will be disclosed in due course.

LoL Worlds 2023 Qualifying Series: Format & Participating Teams

The format of the Worlds 2023 Qualifying Series is remarkably straightforward compared to the intricate qualification procedures of regional leagues. Teams will prepare for a single series against each other. This series will adhere to the Best of 5 format, requiring a team to win three games to secure victory and the final Play-In Stage slot.

The participating teams are the 4th placed squads from the North American LCS and the European LEC. Representing North America is the Golden Guardians, while Europe's representative will be determined at the LEC 2023 Season Finals. 

Golden Guardians Spring 2023
The Golden Guardians are glying to South Korea for the Worlds Qualifying Series |©Riot Games

This means that one of these European teams will earn the chance to compete in the Qualifying Series: G2 Esports, MAD Lions, Team BDS, Excel, Fnatic, or SK Gaming.

Rest assured, we will provide ongoing updates as further information regarding the teams, broadcasting, or any other details related to the Qualifying Series becomes available.

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