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Samira is too damn expensive!

Fans Demand Riot To Lower Soul Fighter Samira's Price

Champions 29-06-2023 16:05
Soul Fighter Samira Splash
This skin looks great, but it is an ultimate skin? | © Riot Games

Samira's getting a brand-new skin in the Soul Fighter universe. Ahead of her release, Riot revealed that this would be an ultimate skin, but once it hit PBE players were pretty disappointed. 

This skin looks great, everyone says that, but most players have also revealed that the skin is not the same quality as other ultimate skins and therefore shouldn't have the same price. 

LoL Ultimate skin: Fans Outraged Over Soul Fighter Samira Ultimate Skin

It's been three years since we've got an ultimate skin in League of Legends. Now, Samira should be getting a new one along with the Soul Fighter skin. According to the skins team in the most recent blog post, the team continued to add new things to the skin, which was supposed to just be a legendary, and ended up hiking-up the price. 

Once the skin, which admittedly looks amazing, but most players do not think that this skin should be classified as an ultimate. There had been rumours about a new skin tier called Legendary+, which would have fit perfectly for this Samira skin. 

All over Reddit, YouTube and Twitter, fans have expressed their disappointment with this being classified as an ultimate, one fan even stating that Elementalist Lux is what new Ultimate skins need to strive for, which the Soul Fighter Samira skin doesn't even get close to. 

SkinSpotlights, one of the most well-known League of Legends content creators, stated that while the skin looks great, it doesn't feel like an ultimate, but rather a legendary skin with multiple legendary features. 

The skin is great and theres been great work on it, its just the price doesn't really hit the right mark. While I know GGMF gets a lot of hate, the gear system that powers her was special new tech made for her which is now used for a lot of skins, thats what made it ultimate. Samira just recycles existing legendary tech which doesn't make it feel special.

Overall, fans are happy with the skin, but they do believe that Riot should bring down the price from 3250 RP (which is around $30). They could price it similar to Gun Goddess Miss Fortune, that was also doused in controversy upon release and then had its price lowered.

For now Riot have not revealed whether they're planning on changing the price of the skin just yet and it is currently still classified as an ultimate.  

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