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Riot Reveal New LoL Lunar Gods Skins: Cost, Champions, Release

Skins 10-01-2023 22:00
Lunar Godess Qiyana Splash
Qiyana's new skin is probably one of the best of the bunch. | © Riot Games

The Mythmaker skins coming in the next League of Legends Patch have already been revealed, but that's not all. Riot is adding a second Lunar New Year inspired skin line. Lunar Revel is probably the over arching theme with the most unique concepts and let's be honest we're here for it. 

Riot will introduce new champions with these beautiful skins for the start of the 2023 League of Legends season, but how many skins will we get and how much are they going to cost? That's what we're here to tell you about so just keep reading! 

LoL Lunar Gods Skins: Champions and Cost

We are going to be getting five skins in this skin line, so get ready for some epic skins and a unique new look for the Lunar New Year like never before. Some champions that lack decent skins will get some love from the skin team this time around. 

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These are all the champions and the skin costs for the upcoming LoL Lunar Gods skins in League of Legends: 

Skin NameChampionCost
Lunar EmpressAshe1350 RP
Lunar Empress Qiyana1350 RP
Lunar EmperorThresh1350 RP
Lunar Guardian Kha'Zix1350 RP
Lunar Guardian Malphite1350 RP

As you can see every skin is going to be an Epic skin. This means they're all in the same price tier. Honestly, from the first introduction, the Malphite skin looks bomb and truly brings something new to the champion, re-imagining him as something more than just a rock in a different colour... oh and the backing animation is just chefs kiss perfect. 

Release Date for Upcoming Lunar Gods Skins in LoL

These skins are going to release in LoL Patch 13.2. So you will have to wait another two weeks to get your hands on them.

These are some incredible new skins that put a whole new twist on the Lunar New Year theme. Hopefully we get more bomb skins throughout the year 2023 again. 

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