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Riot Introducing Huge Ranked Changes to LoL Season 2023

More 06-12-2022 18:10
Victorious aatrox
More skins coming in 2023. | © Riot Games

Riot has just revealed that they're planning on making some major changes for the 2023 League of legends Ranked season. They've outlined what they're changing and what this will mean for all of you ranked enjoyers out there in terms of rewards as well. 

Ranked is one of the main ways to have fun in League of Legends, and it seems that Riot will be making some big changes in the 2023 LoL season. Let's go over the details right now. 


LoL Ranked 2023: Changes to Ranked Season

Chris “Riot Auberaun” Roberts, product lead, started off the Ranked change announcement, outlining that come 2023 the ranked season will have two ranked resets. One in January and another in the middle of the year, probably around June or July, but that hasn't been specified yet. 

Not only will we have two splits, but Riot is also updating the amount of games for promotion series, changing it from a best of five to a best of three format. 

Along with these changes we're also getting an updated ARAM map:

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Reasons for Ranked Gameplay Changes

Riot is making these changes because they feel that players usually hit Gold halfway through the season and then either stop playing ranked all together or move onto secondary accounts to smurf on other players, and in the end still get the end of season rewards. 

Some folks continue their grind, but others drop out of Ranked entirely or turn to smurfing, and that goes against some of our core goals for playing Ranked League. At the end of the day, we want you to always have a goal to be able to chase, and to reward you for your accomplishments along the way.

Ranked Reward Updates in 2023 LoL Season 

Of course, this will also mean that Riot is going to make some major changes to the 2023 ranked season by adding in more rewards. Chris “cwal” Wallace, Game Designer explained that the team is going to spread out ranked rewards throughout the year to keep people invested and wanting to play ranked. 

Also, the reward system hadn't been updated much since it's introduction in 2011 with the Victorious Skins, but this year Riot will be making a few important adjustments. One of those is that players, even those that didn't make it to Gold and above, will be able to earn the Victorious skin at the end of the ranked split. 

[...] players below [gold] will have a chance to earn the skins as well—if they put in the time. For these players to earn it, they’ll have to play a much larger number of games. On top of that, as soon as a Silver player hits Gold, they’ll unlock the skin, even if they drop back down to Silver.

So those of you hardstuck in silver, desperately tyring to get to gold, you will now be able to earn yourselves a victorious skin as well. 

Anyone who made it to gold or above will still be able to get their rank specific chromas though, so you can still show off how much better you are with that.

Victorious Sejuani
Look, I would have loved this skin... | © Riot Games

Two Victorious Skins in 2023

Riot Auberaun also stated that due to the ranked season now being split in two, players will be able to earn two ranked skins as well. One at the end of the year as usual and one in the middle when the ranked system resets. 

Changes to Rewards Track

It will also be changed how players can earn points for the rewards track. Previously players who were filled for positions earned more points, but that felt unfair, especially to those who main a role that isn't very popular and therefore wouldn't ever get filled. 

So, Riot is changing the rewards track to simply take in wins and losses with wins earning more points than losses. Easy enough, eh? These are some major changes for 2023, but welcomed ones so we hope that this will improve the solo queue environment and keep players interested in ranked. 

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