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These are the best skin lines for any show!

League of Legends Skin Lines That Would Make Great Anime

High Noon
Would you watch a show that looked like this? | © Riot Games

League of Legends has multiple AU’s thanks to their skin lines, but which skin lines deserve their own television shows? That’s what we want to explore today. Which skin line has the most potential to make for an interesting and great show? Which characters and champions could Riot create?

Thanks to the multitude of skin lines we’re able to explore our favorite champions in whole new worlds outside of the regular Summoner’s Rift and Runeterra. We get to experience Aliens vs. Cowboys in High Noon – though it is more Angels and Demons with Cowboys, or also become part of a time-traveling society. So many options, but which would work best on the big screen?

5. Crime City

The Crime City AU could make for a truly interesting show. Much like Arcane, there can be viewpoints from the different ends of the societal spectrum. We could follow the story of LeBlanc as she tries to make a name for herself in Nox Vegas after escaping Valoran City.

The story can be taken into the eldritch horror direction with the addition of the Crime City Nightmare skins and Twisted Fate, or we can follow the power struggle between those of the different Crime Syndicates and the Debonairs of Nox Vegas. So many storylines, so many ways we can go with this AU.

4. Battle Academia

Battle Academia would make an amazing animated show. It seems like the Academy skins have also been adopted into the Battle Academia realm – at least judging by the splash arts Legends of Runeterra revealed – and we will take those champions into consideration as well for this AU.

The story would follow Ezreal, our protagonist who comes to find out he actually has quite a lot of power hidden within himself once he encounters a deadly threat. It fits perfectly into the shounen genre and having a studio like MAPPA (who animated Jujutsu Kaisen and are working on Chainsaw Man) animate this would just be... Chefs kiss.

Just this splash alone looks like it was taken from a show. | © Riot games


PROJECT could be an incredible sci-fi anime. The established order has to be taken down so we follow Ashe and her crew of augmented humans who are trying to take down the establishment. This Dystopian world would be incredible to see in a television show.

We’re also spoiled for champions and characters that could appear throughout the show. Would we want to follow the rebels or dive deeper into the roots of the system controlling the PROJECT? Seriously Riot, just make this show happen already.

2. High Noon Gothic

This would be a wild west show for the century. Mixing cowboys and Supernatural into one animated show would be truly incredible. These are some of the most interesting skins and having a whole show surrounding these could truly be unlike anything we’ve gotten to watch before.

Follow the story of Jeremiah James who gambled his heart away – literally – only to return as a monstrous twisted body of gears and wheels. We can also look into Ashe a mechanical Angel or follow the story of Jhin the mercenary. Which would you want to have as a protagonist in this wild west story?

Pulsefire Ezreal
Doesn't he just look like the protagonist already? | © Riot Games

1. Pulsefire

The pulsefire universe lets viewers experience time travel in a whole new way. This isn’t Back to the Future, but an intriguing story of Chrono-enforcers hunting civilians through space and time. This as an anime would just be chefs kiss.

We could see the world of the Chrono-Enforcers and how they have to do their jobs or we could see the other side of it all and follow the Chrono Fugitives like Ekko and Ezreal. Through this show, we could also catch glimpses of other universes, since we all know Pulsefire Ezreal has been to every League of Legends AU imaginable already, crossing universes like we cross the street.