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Let's get her removed from the game.

Who is Seraphine and Why Should Riot Delete Her

Lore 16-04-2023 13:02
I kind of like her... but many don't. | © Riot Games

Seraphine came out a little over a year ago and upon her release, she was probably one of the most hated champions in the game. Today we’re going to be taking a look at just why everyone hated Seraphine, and why you might still hate her.

She is the ‘starry-eyed songstress’ and full of positivity. Does she even fit into the world of League of Legends? We’ve already got Lux and Sona, so did we really need Seraphine who just seems like their lovechild? Let’s check it out!

Her Original Champion Lore

Upon release, Seraphine legitimately had like five paragraphs of lore. She was a young girl from Zaunite parents who gave up everything to raise her in Piltover. Seraphine possessed a special power, where she could hear people’s songs, which would cause her immense pain.

The only thing to save her from going completely insane was a crystal that dampened the sounds of everyone around her, but even the crystal had their own song – clearly related to Skarner and Hextech.

The crystal helped Seraphine get better, even going so far as to help the young girl. This was the part everyone thought was very unbelievable since it was the people of Piltover – Seraphine’s people – that basically caused the demise of the Brackern, so why would a crystal help her?

Also, this is League of Legends, hell even Annie and Nunu have better reasons to fight on Summoner's Rift than Seraphine. Where is the struggle, the hardship? Not in her lore, that's where. 

Her K/DA Lore Was More Fleshed Out

On the other hand, Seraphine had a whole lot of well-fleshed out and relatable lore thanks to her K/DA skin. There she was a young girl with a dream of making it big in the music industry. Seraphine received a social media account, a comic and even an ultimate skin which mirrored this struggle. If you're curious about the ultimate skin, make sure to check out the best Seraphine skins in League of Legends. Come on guys, she's a beauty, of course, Riot would give her a lot of skins since her debut.

For many fans, this attention to detail she got in her  K/DA lore was missing in her actual ‘canon’ lore. Therefore Seraphine just felt like a character from ‘our world’ that was dropped into Runeterra. She didn’t fit into the world that Riot was trying to create with League of Legends.

Seraphine Doesn't Look Piltoverian

First of all, is Piltoverian the right word? Anyways, moving on...

To add to the fact that Seraphine felt like an alien in the world of Runeterra, many also believed that her outfit didn’t match that of anyone in Piltover. Seraphine didn’t look like someone who came from Runeterra.

A Redditor made simple changes to her outfit which would make her a much more believable character from Piltover.

Seraphine piltover outfit
Look the change a mere jacket can do! | © Riot Games/ Reddit user u/REKLA5

Seraphine’ Champion Kit

Now if you’re not a lore expert, then maybe you didn’t even notice any of the things we just stated. You just like to play League of Legends, but don’t give a single shit about the lore and characterization of the champions you command. So what could be your issue with Seraphine?

Well, many believe that Seraphine’s kit should have gone to Sona. She is a music champion, like Sona, and her abilities are awfully similar. Sona could have used much of these upgrades from her boring kit, which leave her on the lower end of the play rate.

When Seraphine was released Sona mains were in an uproar, believing that Seraphine was nothing more than Sona 2.0 and that her kit should have been a simple Sona rework.

Seraphine 1-Year Later

What do fans think now? Is Seraphine still hated and should she be deleted from League of Legends? Well, when we look at the win rates of both Seraphine and Sona, then we can see that Sona has got the better end of the deal with an almost constant 53% win rate, while Seraphine is struggling.

She has also become part of the meta, being played in pro every once in a while as niche picks either in the bot lane or the mid lane. Most pegged Seraphine as a support, but she actually sports the worst numbers there.

So, would you still want to delete her? Do we still need to get #JusticeForSkarner trending? It seems like Riot might be fazing out the idea that the Hextech crystals stem from the Brackern, so we might see a change in Skarner’s lore as well in the future.

Well anyways, this article was written by an ironic Seraphine main so I personally enjoy her in the game. Gotta ask everyone whether they’re my first hater, right?

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