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These skins look so nice!

Snow Moon – LoL Skins Revealed: Cost, Champions & More

Skins 02-05-2023 17:35
Snow moon ahri
LoL: Ahri is getting a Snow Moon skin and it looks amazing. | © Riot Games

The new Snow Moon skins in LoL have been revealed! These are going to be the next skins to hit the PBE, as well as live servers after the Inkshadow skins go live. So, which champions will be getting skins and how much are they going to cost? 

If you're looking for sleek and nice skins, then the Snow Moon skins are the ones to go for. Riot introduced the skin line last year and now they're releasing more banger skins in this frosty aesthetic. 

LoL Snow Moon Skins: Champions & Cost

We just got the brand-new Inkshadow skins along with the MSI 2023 event, which means that this time around we are going to have a "filler" skin patch. But, let me tell you these skins are no filler, since some of the most popular champions will receive skins! 

ChampionSkin TierPrice
Snow Moon AhriEpic1350 RP
Snow Moon MorganaEpic 1350 RP
Snow Moon VarusEpic 1350 RP

While there are only three skins, all three look incredible, especially Ahri who is receiving her first skin since her Art and Sustainability Update (ASU). The way she moves works so well with the skin line and gives her a very unique and nice aesthetic. 

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Overall, this is a great skin line that works well with the chosen champions. It's also interesting to see these champions since the skin line is part of the Blood Moon universe. 

Release Date for Snow Moon Skins in LoL

These skins are going to be released with LoL Patch 13.10. This is going to be a huge balance update patch for the midseason, but it won't be a big cosmetics patch with only three skins this time around. 

Riot have revealed that they will be making some big changes to itemization, but we aren't sure yet if those updates will go live in LoL Patch 13.10 or a patch later. Until then let's just enjoy the Snow Moon skins... in May. 

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