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No new weapon for Jax, though.

Jax Visual Update Announced

News 29-04-2023 02:00
Jax angler
Not sure if I want this one to get updated, or want it to remain the same | © Riot Games

Jax is one of the staple top lane champions and one whose abilities have recently been polished to fit with the modern League of Legends. Now Riot will make his visuals keep up as well.

Riot Games are currently working on their big project of giving Skarner a complete rework, from his design to his gameplay. However, his abilities are a bit harder to get right, and in the downtime, they've been left with some free time, which will now go into getting Jax a glow-up!


Jax VFX Will Stay True to Champion Core

Visual Gameplay update is a way for Riot Games to get an older champion up to date with the modern League of Legends, while not having to rework them from scratch.

In Jax's case, he has already had a mid-scope update as well, so the VGU will be an even bigger success. The Jax VGU will entail the update to the following:

  • In-game model
  • Animation
  • VO
  • VFX
  • Some of his splash art

Starting off with the elephant in the room, we have Jax's in-game model. The only reason it even remotely serves its purpose nowadays is because the champion wears a poncho covering 90% of his body.

And as Riot say, in the modern League of Legends, filled with six-pack champions, that will just not do. Now, Jax will stay true to his origins, and will not be the playboy Viego is.

But much like Pantheon, we will no longer be cursed with seeing his enormous toes on the Rift, and he will be portrayed as the warrior he is.

Additionally, Riot have stated that they've decided against giving Jax a real weapon, no matter how much he’d like one. Instead, they will amplify his weapon’s importance—it’s the only thing he has from his home of Icathia before it was lost to the Void. Which is why he chooses to use it over a more traditional weapon.

Vandal jax
A spiked club is definitely a weapon | © Riot Games

Does this mean that Jax's lore will get an update as well? All we reliably know of the champion currently, is that he is an unbeatable warrior from Icathia, and from a race that does not appear anywhere else on Runeterra.

Perhaps this VGU will give us insight into what goes through the head of a man hiding away beneath all those cloth wrappings.

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