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I can't. Seriously

Spirit Blossom Irelia Looks Gorgeous

Lotus Irelia
No, this isn't the Spirit Blossom skin. But I can't spoiler it with a header image, right? | © Riot Games

Spirit Blossom skins are some of the most popular skins in League of Legends. Every champion of League could have one, and it would still not be enough. But there is one champion that would look gorgeous with one that doesn't have one... yet.

As you all know, League of Legends will soon have another batch of Spirit Blossom skins thanks to Worlds 2022. Honestly, a great move from Riot. People will go mental over some of these skins and the champs that will receive them.

However, there are literally so many champs that fit into this universe that haven't received a Spirit Blossom skin yet, one of them being Irelia. So imagine my surprise when one of Riot's senior illustrators, Bo Chen, posted this artwork of Irelia on ArtStation.

Spirit Blossom Irelia
This looks legit. | © Bo Chen on Artstation

Unfortunately, this is only artwork, even if it is from one of Riot's senior employees, so this is not a skin that is actually coming to the game... yet. Then again, Riot can now simply take this artwork and turn it into a splash art and then into an actual in-game skin. Shouldn't be too hard, right? (My toxic trait is thinking I could do this). 

Irelia doesn't just fit into this concept through her looks, though, her lore is actually somewhat connected to the Spirit Blossom universe. If you didn't know: Spirit Blossom is actually an ancient festival that is celebrated in Ionia. Irelia is from...? Right, Ionia. 

Come on, Riot... make this happen for real, I'm begging you.