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Who has qualified for the 2022 World Championship?

LoL Worlds 2022: All Teams Qualified

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Who is going to Worlds this year? | © Riot Games

Summer is almost over, which means that it's time to prepare for the biggest esports event of 2022. All eyes in the League of Legends world are on North America this year as they host the 2022 LoL World Championship, but which teams can we see at this event? 

The League of Legends World Championship takes place every year and while 2020 and 2021 had to be played in front of empty arena's (except for the finals in 2020), this year we are going to be able to see fans at the tournament once more. Oh, and if you're curious, ticket sales have been announced already... but which teams can you see at this year's LoL Worlds 2022? 

LoL Worlds 2022: Qualified Teams

With the League of Legends World Championship so close, teams are currently fighting for a spot in North America. A few teams have already qualified for the event thanks to the championship point system Riot has implemented. So, let's check out which teams for sure will be playing either in the group stage or the play-in stage. 

TeamRegionSummer Record
JD GamingLPL #114 - 2
Top EsportsLPL #214 - 2
Edward Gaming

LPL #3

11 - 5
RNGLPL #413 - 3

LCK #1

17 - 1
T1LCK #215 - 3
DRXLCK #49 - 9
RogueLEC #111 - 7
G2 EsportsLEC #212 - 6
FnaticLEC #310 - 8
MAD LionsLEC #412 - 6
Cloud9LCS #111 - 8
100 ThievesLCS #214 - 4
Evil GeniusLCS #315 - 3
GAM EsportsVCS #111 - 3
Saigon BuffaloVCS #28 - 6
Beyond GamingPCS #111 - 7
CTBC Flying OysterPCS #213 - 5
LOUDCBLoL #112 - 6
IsurusLLA #19 - 5
DetonatioN FocusMeLJL #119 - 2
Chief's Esports Club

LCO #1

21 - 0

These are the 24-teams that will compete to take home the brand-new Summoner's Cup. Who do you have your money on to make it to the finals in San Francisco this year? Will Faker take home his fourth trophy or will a new team lift the cup? So many questions we can't help but get excited just thinking about it, eh? 

How Many Teams Will Participate At LoL Worlds 2022? 

A total of 24 teams will compete at the event. Twelve teams will automatically qualify for the 2022 League of Legends World Championship group stage, while the other 12 are going to start off in the Play-In Stage which will take place in Mexico City ahead of the main event. The LEC will be receiving an extra slot this year due to the LCL not participating in the event. Unfortunately, we also won't be getting double elimination this year, but maybe next year? 

With the League of Legends World Championship kicking off we're even more hyped to watch the LCK Playoffs, as well as the LPL Playoffs, desperately waiting for the LEC to finally start their run as well. Who is going to represent Europe and will NA have a home court advantage or will they crumble once more? The narratives at this Worlds are incredible so we're even more hyped for it to finally start.