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Let's explore Runeterra

League of Legends Lore | The #1 Guide to Runeterra

Lore 28-12-2022 14:49
Runeterra Terrain map
Where would you want to visit? | © Riot Games

There is more than just a huge number of champions, spells and items that make up the world we know and love from League of Legends. No, Riot has made a whole world surrounding these characters and objects and that world is known as Runeterra. 

Thanks to the hit series Arcane, we've got to explore one specific area of Runeterra – Piltover and Zaun – already, but there are multiple other pieces of media that have explored other regions. Today we'll show you just how vast the world of Runeterra is. 

Runeterra – The World of League of Legends

Runeterra describes the world which our beloved League of Legends champions call home. If you look further up top, you'll be able to see all the nooks and crannies that the physical realm of Runeterra has to offer. Yes, we said physical realm, because some places in Runeterra actually exist on a completely different plane of existence – like Bandle City. 

Runeterra is made up of a spirit and a physical realm. The Void is another part of Runeterra which physical beings cannot simply enter – insert 2010 Lord of the Rings meme right here. 

So now that we know that even though the map of Runeterra is huge, let's check out the various countries and continents in League of Legends. 

  • Shurima
  • Shurima
Piltover & Zaun
  • Shurima
  • Valoran
  • Shurima
  • Valoran
  • Valoran
  • Valoran
The Void
  • Other Region
Bandle City
  • Other Region
  • Other Region
  • Other Region
Shadow Isles
  • Other Region

Shurima and Valoran are the two big continents that you're able to make out on the Runeterra map. They're basically the Westeros and Essos of League of Legends. Only these continents are connected by a bridge. Otherwise, they're completely separate entities. 

Darius 0
Darius is a war general from Noxus. | © Riot Games

Which Champions Come from Runeterra? 

The better question should be 'which champions aren't from Runeterra'. While most of the cast of League of Legends has their roots in the world of Runeterra, whether that is the physical or spiritual realm, there are a few curious creatures which call completely different worlds home. 

Aurelion Sol and Bard are two champions who are not originally from Runeterra. Both are older than Runeterra itself, being some of the oldest creatures in the game

But even if they aren't originally from Runeterra they're both still connected to the world in some way or shape. If you want to know more about Runeterra, make sure to check out some of our other lore articles, as well as some Arcane speculation

Other Continents Revealed

With the inclusion of Viego, the Ruined King, we also learned of new regions that belong to completely different continents. Their story was further expanded in 2022 with the reveal of Nilah, who hails from a complete different country that has fought wars with Camavor, which was the country Viego ruled over. 

Nilah is from Kathkan, which is a country on the Camavoran (or also Eastern) continent. This could mean that the world of Runeterra, which serves as 'earth' in the League of Legends earth, can be even further expanded in the future! 

CamavorEastern Continent
KathkanEastern Continent

There are also celestial beings that reside in Runeterra that do not call that world their home, such as Bard and Aurelion Sol. They're from completely different planes though and make up a completely different species of being in Runeterra. 

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