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Which champion had the most impact in 2022?

LoL Champions 2022: Ranking The Newest Champion Releases

Champions 27-12-2022 13:40
Withered Rose Zeri
Who is the worst champion in 2022 | © Riot Games

In 2022, we received five new champions in League of Legends. From those five champions, some were an instant hit, while other champs felt like a complete miss, which is why we've decided to rank all the 2022 Champion releases this year. 

We're going to look at all the champion releases from worst to best. Which champions were memorable and which ones could we go without, both in solo queue and when watching pro play? 


Ranking the Best and Worst LoL Champ Releases of 2022

5. Zeri 

Zeri was the worst champion released in 2022. Yes, she had a high presence in both solo queue and pro play, but was it always healthy? Not at all. She was overpowered from the get-go and no matter how Riot tweaked her she stayed OP and meta at all times. Seriously, was watching the LEC playoffs any fun when team just traded Sivir and Zeri back and forth? 

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With Zeri being so OP for a long time throughout season 12, Riot decided she had to be buried six feet under during the 2022 LoL World Championship, bringing her solo queue win rate down to 42%. Now they're scrambling to try and fix her to make her a playable champion, but from the beginning Zeri seemed like nothing more than problems, thus making her the worst champion released in 2022. 

4. Nilah 

Nilah is the second-worst champion released in 2022. Not because she's bad or unplayable... no she was just the most forgettable champion of the year. Seriously, thinking back to Season 12 and the champion releases, Nilah is the least thought about champion. 

062222 08 Nilah Splash
Nilah exists...? | © Riot Games

While Nilah does bring something new and unique to the bot lane, it wasn't impactful enough to make players remember she exists. Also, if Yasuo or Yone mains want to play their champs in the bot lane... you know they'll do just that and not pick Nilah who feels like Melee Samira... so while Nilah is cool, her lore, champion design and kit just didn't seem to catch players interest. 


3. K'Sante

K'Sante hasn't had much time to shine and grow on the community yet. He was released in November 2022 and right after the season ended and players had to focus on the preseason 2023. So, there was no time for K'Sante to truly get going, which means timing of this champion release impact his rating in our tierlist. 

Prestige K Sante
He looks pretty epic though. | © Riot Games

K'Sante has made waves during the 2022 Demacia Cup as one of the key champions in the top lane, which gives us hope for him in pro play, but he feels like a pro-only champion with his win rate in solo queue just under 50%. He might fall into the 'Gwen' category where he's good in pro play and for OTPs, but that's about it. 

2. Renata Glasc

Renata Glasc wasn't the most anticipated or the most complex champion that was revealed this year, but she has had quite an impact on the game, in both solo queue and in pro play. She had her presence felt and was one of the best champions we got in the year. 

Renata is a great champion and her kit is easy to master. She is fun to play because when you're using Renata you're the boss as the support in the bot lane. You call the shots with her abilities, making her a great new champion with a unique twist to the enchanter role. 

1. Bel'Veth

Bel'Veth was probably the most anticipated champion release all year. From the first teaser of LoL Season 12 we knew we would be getting a champion from the Void. Riot also teased her throughout the first half of the year. Bel'Veth's trailer was also insane and had fans hyped for the brand-new jungle champion. 

Battle Boss Bel Veth skin splash
She wasn't a complete monster champ, but still a cool champion. | © Riot Games

Overall, Bel'Veth had a pretty great champion release and was popular throughout the rest of the 2022 season, but we just wish Riot would have actually given us a lore event surrounding the Void and what comes next after the reveal of Bel'Veth. Seriously, it left us with blue balls and we want more. 

So, while the event surrounding Bel'Veth wasn't satisfying, she was the best champion release of the year, closely followed by Renata who also had quite an impact on League of Legends this year. 

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