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Five Interesting LoL Facts

Lore 15-03-2024 19:20

League of Legends has been around for almost 15-years. So over time there have been quite a few interesting facts added that you might never have heard of. 

Jarvan iv
Garen used to say Jarvan IV came home different from his travels | Riot Games

League of Legends is a game that has gone through as many permutations as it has patches. And in all of these, Riot Games leave some things for players to find out.

Now, there are the things every player has seen, on the match loading screen. We all know what Kassadin's name means, Riot! But some others, Riot leave it up to us to find out.

5. Singed is the First Designed Champion

The Mad Alchemist of Zaun, is a champion who "created", directly or indirectly, quite a few other champions. He has had a hand in creating Irelia, and pushing Zed towards extreme violence, with his alchemical devastation of Ionia, and has created Warwick.

Singed Poison
The madman who started it all | Riot Games

However, this is also the champion that Riot Games created first, when designing their own, original champions. And while a few others have been released at the same time as Singed, it has been confirmed that, out of all League of Legends champions, he was the first one to be devised in their minds.

It's also why he was named Singed in the first place, as his name is an anagram for design.

4. Lissandra Monologues After Winning ARAM

ARAM is the only permanent League of Legends game mode, that is not held on Summoner's Rift, and exists as a place to unwind and play games without consequences to your rank.

Howling Abyss
Howling Abyss refers to the howling Watchers from the original lore | Riot Games

After winning an ARAM math, however, sticking around is definitely worth it, without exiting the game back to the Client. You will be given a narration of the events of Freljord. Hearing what transpired in eons past from the Ice Witch herself, while looking at the very place the Watchers are entombed in is an experience every LoL player should try.

3. Warwick Used to Be Singed's Master

Everyone and their mother knows, after watching Arcane, that Singed is the man who created Warwick, by experimenting on a regular human. A little-known fact, though, is that in the original lore, in a role reversal, Warwick was Singed's master.

Warwick Lol
Don't let his current lore fool you into pitying Warwick | Riot Games

Singed was still an alchemist, of course, but in the employ of Warwick, who used his talents to make him alchemical weapons for warfare. His evil nature ran so deep, that Soraka, one of the Celestials, cursed him herself and turned him into the abomination we know as Warwick the LoL champion. This act of interference caused her to be banished to Runeterra before the entire story was retconned of course.

2. Leona Used to Deal Less Damage to Champions With Sunglasses

Back when League of Legends used to take itself less seriously, Leona, as a champion using sunlight in all of her abilities, used to deal 1 damage less to all champions wearing sunglasses.

Aristocrat Vayne cheap skin
Look cool, and reduce damage at the same time | Riot Games

When the game picked up in popularity though, and League of Legends esports became a thing, Riot Games removed this feature stating it was an unfair advantage. Honestly, we would have liked to see it stay, the one damage is not going to change much if Leona catches you, and it brought some charm to the too-serious game it is nowadays.

1. Yorick Was Released Before His Champion Spotlight

Yorick is a top lane champion, with whom Riot Games always have issues. Whether it's fitting him properly into the meta, or his ghouls causing bugs, he is a headache to both his enemies and the company.

He is, however, the only League of Legends champion to be released before his champion spotlight video came out. This was back during the years when Riot Games released champions every two weeks, and before their release would make a champion spotlight explaining their abilities in full, with no teasers like we have today.

Undertaker Yorick
Imagine the confusion, with his kit bringing a new mechanic at the time | Riot Games

When it comes to Yorick, though, David "Phreak" Turley was delayed on his return flight from Sweden, and was unable to post his Champion Spotlight video in time. So, Yorick surprised quite a few players when he appeared in Summoner's Rift.

Other Interesting League of Legends Facts

There are, of course, numerous other things in League of Legends that developers have put in for their own enjoyment, or as a foreshadowing of future events.

  • Maokai is an anagram of I am oak
  • The sound effects for Zac’s squishes were “made from dog food and beans inside a condom slapped against a wall”
  • Vi stands for the Roman numeral 6, because she was the 106th champion
  • Faker's first stream was watched by almost 250 000 viewers
  • Gangplank could kill his own minions originally, befitting of a pirate
  • Chrome Rammus, Explorer Ezreal, Foxfire Ahri, and Safari Caitlyn skins refer to the internet browsers

And, for the end, we have the 10-year-old conspiracy theory, that Riot Games seem to have put a real end to, that Jarvan IV is actually LeBlanc in disguise, and J4 is captured and held in Noxus. Some even theorize he is Talon, after his memories have been wiped.

These days the lore is far more established, and we can't be sadder that this theory grows more and more unlikely to come to fruition every single day.

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