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Some League of Legends are featured in more than the Item shop.

League of Legends Items Found in the Lore

Lore 29-04-2024 09:27

Some League of Legends items are based off champions. So, which ones can you spot while playing LoL? 

We'll disregard the items that Ornn upgrades, of course | © Riot Games

League of Legends items are, to an average player, just a series of stats they get upon buying them. However, quite a lot of them have their own story and place in the lore of Runeterra.

Here are the most common ones that are either connected to champions or events, or are outright present and a big part of some champions' silhouettes. Disregarding the Blade of the Ruined King, as if that wasn't obvious enough.

Which LoL Items Are Worn By Champions?

The inspiration for League of Legends items has to come from somewhere, and what better place than the weapons and armor worn by the champions themselves? Though, sometimes, it's the other way around. Ironically, though, most of these items are not actually built on the champions that own them.

Gargoyle's Stoneplate

This item is a staple one for champions to whom survivability is a focus more than dealing damage. And, as the name suggests, it is worn by a certain Gargoyle. Unfortunately, it was removed by Riot at the start of LoL Season 14.

Mid Lane Galio
A lot of antimagic material to forge armor is there | © Riot Games

Of course, "worn" is too weak of a word, and it's more a part of Galio, the Colossus, than something worn by him. Perhaps it's a grisly byproduct of a time when Galio has outlived his usefulness.

Trinity Force

Irelia is the figurehead of the Ionian resistance movement, fighting against the Noxian invasion of her homeland. And the biggest part of her champion silhouette is her blades.

Irelia no skin splash
The original Irelia sword was made of three pieces as well | © Riot Games

From patch 10.23 and onward, Trinity Force's old icon was replaced by the new one, the former which featured Sheen and Zeal's two blades, to the blades Irelia wields in her battle dance, which is incidentally similar to the broken Ionian crest.

Deadman's Plate

The description of this item states that it can only be pried off the dead body of the wearer. And the only champion who has died in League of Legends is Gangplank, so he seems the only one fit to wear it.

Gangplank no skin
Dead man walking | © Riot Games

In this case, though, this item is less of a plate and more of a shoulder guard piece. It has only been added to Gangplank's design after his "death" at the hands of Miss Fortune though.

Winter's Approach

No, we're not talking about Game of Thrones, but about an armor item found in League of Legends that hails from the frozen wastes of Freljord.

Sejuani no skin splash
Isn't that flail a bit too long for proper use? | © Riot Games

This item is actually the armor worn by Sejuani, as can be seen in her splash art. The helmet, on the other hand, especially in the Call animation for the season 12 start, would point to it being Fimbulwinter. The base design of the champion though, is most certainly, wearing Winter's Approach.

Rod of Ages

When it comes to newer items added to the game, Rod of Ages is not used by any base champion. It is however used by a champion in an alternate universe of their skin line.

Karthus Lightsbane skin
Karthus Lightsbane can corrupt even the Rod of Ages | © Riot Games

The champion in question is Karthus Lightsbane, a DnD skin line, or MMORPG, setting who quite obviously wields Rod of Ages. Interestingly, it's Kassadin that benefits the most from it, though.


While the splash art would have you questioning whether Yasuo really uses Stormrazor as his sword, the Ruined King game has indeed confirmed that Stormrazor is Yasuo's legendary weapon.

Inkshadow Yasuo
Yasuo's Sword is in the game. | © Riot Games

Unfortunately, the continuity of League of Legends is no yet verified, so we can't tell precisely whether Yasuo we see in League of Legends is from the same time when he uses Stormrazor or not. That is, we can't say if League of Legends takes place before he got it, or perhaps even after he lost or replaced it.

LoL Items Mentioned in the Lore

Some League of Legends items exist in the item shop, whose story we know, or whose wielders we've heard of, but who haven't graced the Summoner's Rift, yet.

Doran's Items

Every starter item with the prefix of Doran was made by the legendary Doran. A master of martial arts and craftmanship, who used to teach Master Yi and Wukong, in the old lore.

Lean into the monkey part of your brain | © Riot Games

Nowadays he is not mentioned all that much. He has left his traces in LoL though, and aside from the three starter items, is also known to have built MAster Yi's helmet, and Wukong's staff.

Night Harvester

The owner of Night Harvester appears in two Riot Games, just not in League of Legends. He appears as a mid-boss in Ruined King: A League of Legends Story, and as a car in the Legends of Runeterra.

Lo R Shadow Isles
Rhasa prowls somewhere around here | © Riot Games

His name is Rhasa, and is one of the more powerful beings of the Shadow Isles.

Aside from all of these, there are a host of other items that are quite obviously worn by champions, that just haven't been confirmed yet, such as the Pauldrons of Whiterock looking eerily similar to Garen's own pauldrons. So, we encourage you strongly to go diving into the details of what LoL has to offer, while in queue for that ranked grind.

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