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LoL Season 13: These Are The Best Champions With Heartsteel

Champions 05-12-2022 15:50
Mundo Mundo rework skin
Which champions should build Heartsteel? | © Riot Games

Heartsteel is one of the newest items in League of Legends. It was introduced in the 2023 preseason and has become one of the best tank items in the entire game. Sure, Sunfire Cape isn't a mythic anymore, so the players had to start building something else. 

Heartsteel is an item which rewards tanky champions and manages to scale unlike any other tank item currently. Heartsteel is incredible for champions that have health scaling in their kit, as well as giving tanks a little bit of extra damage... so what's not to like, eh? 


LoL Champions That Should Build Heartsteel

3. Dr. Mundo

Now this has to be the first champion that comes to mind when we think Heartsteel, right? He's a champion that is synonymous with health items and he even uses his health like mana in some cases. Not landing a Q means you lose health. Land your Q you heal back up. 

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Mundo's abilities scale with his health and the more health he has the more powerful his abilities will be as well. So, of course, you're going to want to build Heartsteel which increases health thanks to the damage you deal, as well as have a health increase mythic passive. Everything on this item just screams 'Mundo build me'. 

2. Volibear 

Another champion with some insane health percentage numbers. Volibear is a big bear, but when he's got Heartsteel equipped he becomes a frightening demi-god from the Freljord. This item just synergizes perfectly with his kit and makes it one of the best in the game for this champion. 

Runeguard Volibear
Volibear cannot be overlooked with this item. | © Riot Games

The more health this guy has, the better his Sky Splitter (E) shield is going to be. But just a single ability isn't enough to make this champion, who already seems unkillable, OP with Heartsteel. His W, Frenzied Maul, will also heal Volibear back up depending on a percentage of missing health. Now the more health he has, the more he will heal. So, good luck trying to kill Volibear in LoL Season 13. 


1. Shen 

Like Dr. Mundo, Shen is another champion that is known for building a f*ck ton of health. Shen is also extremely good into other champions that build health thanks to the additional bonus damage he gets from his target's max health. It's just unfair. Shen is going to be so broken in Season 13. 

Shockblade Shen
Shen is just too strong with Heartsteel and against champions that build Heartsteel. | © Riot Games

Shen's passive grants him a massive shield based off a percentage of his health, meaning the more health he's got the bigger the shield will get. But that isn't all his E, Shadow Dash, will also deal more damage the more health he's got. Oh, and the shield from his ultimate? Also based off his health meaning Heartsteel will just make Shen unkillable. 

Thanks to the infinite scaling on Heartsteel these three champions will dominate the meta, so will Jak'Scho the Protean be able to keep up with Heartsteel in Season 13? 

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