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LoL: The Best Champion Concepts Made By Fans

Lore 30-12-2023 12:00

Get ready, because we're about to showcase some of the absolute best fanmade champion concepts that we stumbled upon. These creations are a testament to the incredible talent and imagination within the League of Legends community. Let's dive in and explore these fantastic concepts together!

Sigil Fanmade Champion
The best fanmade champions (splash art from the fanmade champion "Sigil"). | © DeviantArt/MonoriRogue

The League of Legends community boasts an incredibly talented, creative, and passionate fanbase. Today, we're thrilled to showcase 5 standout champion concepts that not only reflect the community's innovation but also offer valuable lessons for Riot Games. Our aim is to present a diverse mix of champions, ensuring we don't solely focus on a particular archetype like full tanks. Admittedly, making the selection was a daunting task, and we implore you to approach our choices with kindness!

It's worth noting that the maturity of these champion concepts may vary, but the primary emphasis lies in the inventive ideas they bring to the table. Without further ado, let's dive into our countdown, starting with our number 5!

5. Nasira

Nasira Fanmade Champion
Nasira, Viper of Sands. | © Thomas Randby

While specific details about Nasira's abilities remain elusive, concept artist Thomas Randby has provided some intriguing insights into her lore:

"Character concept, an original champion for League of Legends! Born in the small settlement of Mu’raat just south of Central Shurima, Nasira lived her life amidst the sand-drowned ruins of her people’s past. Though she grew up told to ignore the remnants of the old ways, she constantly marveled at the mystery and intrigue of the forgotten glory of the Shuriman empire. When she grew older, she ran away from home to make her own way, and eventually found herself under the command of the warlord Iha Ziharo. Though Nasira began as little more than a hired grunt, she worked her way up the ranks and into Iha’s good graces. This proved too little to slate her thirst for power, and despite her good fortune, she coveted a higher position in the tribe of warriors. She’d worked beside Sivir for many years, and when the time arose for Sivir to usurp Iha, Nasira was the first to urge her on. Nasira called for Iha’s death at the end of the mutiny, but Sivir allowed her to die in the desert instead."

Beyond her potential impact on Shurima's lore, Nasira could carve her niche as the first champion wielding a genuine whip. And to be clear, Nilah, a bit of water doesn't count as a whip – no matter what you argue. Drawing parallels to Thresh, Nasira might adopt a melee playstyle supplemented by a far-reaching ability, allowing her to slow or root adversaries with the versatile use of her weapon. Considering her title as the Viper of the Sands, it's conceivable that Nasira could make use of a poisonous element in her arsenal.

In terms of aesthetics, Nasira's appearance resonates strongly with classic Shuriman champions, featuring cyan crystals, golden embellishments, and a sun disk adorning her neck. To my eyes, she could easily pass as Sivir's sister.

4. Raska

Raska Fanmade Champion1
Raska, The Spiral Narrator. | © Albert Bednarski

Here we got an awesome champion concept called Raska, cooked up by Albert Bednarski. He's a blind Yordle support who used to be this happy-go-lucky traveler until the Void Rapture in Icathia took away his eyesight. Crazy, right? But here's the cool part – even though he can't see, Raska writes down all his adventures.

Albert really went to town on this champ concept, even adding animations to spice things up. If you're into the nitty-gritty details, you should definitely check out the whole deal with Raska.

Raska Fanmade Champion
Possible in-game model of Raska. | © Albert Bednarski

In a nutshell, Raska fights using void ink and a feather. He's an enchanter with a stacking mechanic on his Passive, a stun on his Q, a heal on his W, and a blink on his E. Oh, and he'd be the first enchanter with a blink in his kit. Imagine that on the Summoner's Rift – pretty wild!

But the real showstopper is his ultimate move. When he pops it, Raska basically hands the reins over to the Watchers, gets vision in an area nearby, and unleashes three massive void slingshots. Suddenly, he goes from support to this offensive powerhouse, taking down anyone trying to slip away from his team. Super cool concept, right? Major props to Albert for this one!

3. Mica And Ivaara

Mica and Ivaara Fanmade Champion
Mica and Ivaara, The Heart of Despair. | © Sora Prakash

Now, check out this next champion with a game-changing ult mechanic. With just a tap of the R key, you can switch between Mica and Ivaara – the first champion with two whole characters packed into one kit. Take that, Kindred! Unlike other champs where you only control one and the other chips in for abilities, Sora Prakash's brainchild lets you unleash both Mica and Ivaara.

Mica and Ivaara Fanmade Champion 1
Concept art of Mica and Ivaara. | © Sora Prakash

Picture this: Mica, looking all gentle and wielding a rod, serves up a support caster vibe with poke, heal, and shields. On the flip side, Ivaara rocks a dangerous and menacing appearance, turning the support into an offensive powerhouse.

What's neat is that by toggling between the two forms, you can whip up some sweet combos, blending the unique abilities of Mica and Ivaara. Sora really nailed it with this transforming hybrid champ. 

Curious to know more? Click right here!

2. Mistree

Mistree Fanmade Champion
Mistree, The Forgotten Biologist. | © Mark Vaughn

Alright, buckle up for Mistree, the Forgotten Biologist – a champion concept straight out of the creative mind of freelance artist Mark Vaughn. And let me tell you, she's a real mystery. Yeah, I know, I'm a comedy genius... Anyway, this Yordle-turned-ghost is ready to haunt her foes with some, you guessed it, "fearsome" spells. Okay, I'll cut it out with the puns.

Q and W Mistree
Mistree's Q- and W-ability. | © Mark Vaughn

Mistree seems to bring mage vibes to the mid-lane. Her Q, "Cursed Bolt," unleashes a spooky blue blast that probably packs a punch as her main damage tool. 

Then there's her W, "Possess Subject," where she can literally take over enemy champions for a bit – think Yuumi, but the ghostly opposite.

E and R Mistree
Her E and R. | © Mark Vaughn

Now, onto Mistree's tricks with her E, "Call the Leyline." Picture this – she conjures a triangle-shaped cage around her enemies, likely causing some chaos and CC-ing anyone unlucky enough to touch her mystical walls, similar to Veigar's cage.

But wait, there's more! Mistree's ultimate ability, "Unspoken Agony," amps things up. She starts belting out a scream, creating a massive cone in front of her and probably dishing out tons of damage. I'm talking Cassio's ult scream, but cranked up to eleven. Holy moly.

If you're hungry for more mystery and want the full scoop on Mistree, check out the official champion concept website. Trust me, it's worth a look!

1. Elliot

Elliot Fanmade Champion
Elliot, The Swarm Herder. | © Leon Ho

Now, let's dive into the exciting part – meet Elliot, the Swarm Herder, a creation of the talented concept artist Leon Ho. Drawing inspiration from the eerie vibes of Souichi, a character by the renowned horror manga illustrator Junji Ito, Elliot emerges as a meticulously designed support champion from the Shadow Isles.

Leon's concept art for Elliot is nothing short of captivating, featuring intriguing details like a candle perched on his head, a little centipede companion around his neck, a ghostly landing net, and a substantial bottle filled with radiant insects already in his possession. And here's the twist – no other champion wields a landing net as a weapon, making Elliot a breath of fresh air on the Rift.

Elliot concept art
Multiple ideas for the champion Elliot. | © Leon Ho

Beyond the final concept, Leon has gone the extra mile, introducing various iterations and in-game elements. Imagine this: glowing bugs that provide vision, similar to Bard chimes, and can be collected to upgrade Elliot's abilities. Now, that's innovation!

Let's break down what Elliot brings to the table. For his Q, envision Elliot swinging his spectral net, possibly rooting or damaging foes. The surrounding smoke suggests a neat near-sight effect within the circle.

Now, for his W, Riot usually sprinkles utility on this spell, so Elliot might grant shields, heal allies in a designated area, and maybe deal damage equivalent to the healing he provides.

Elliot Abilities
Elliot and his potential abilities. | © Leon Ho

Elliot's E unleashes two hefty bugs toward enemies, likely causing some form of crowd control – think stunning or knocking up foes on impact.

Last but not least, his ultimate, the grand finale. Elliot takes the spotlight, flask held high, channeling essence to silence an enemy. Picture a toxic cloud formed from the bugs he's gathered, growing more potent with each glowing insect collected.

Elliot, the Swarm Herder, isn't your run-of-the-mill support. He's a game-changer, bringing a unique toolkit and a touch of eerie charm to the League of Legends landscape. It would be a delight to witness this innovative concept come to life on the Rift!

And don't forget to check out the official website for Elliot's concept here.

But let's give credit where it's due – a massive shout-out to the incredible artists for their immense talent in creating such stunning art.

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