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Still no Penta this season? Try these champs!

LoL Champions: These Are The Top Pentakill Champs

Champions 29-12-2023 15:41

Is there anything better in League of Legends as you get kill after kill, and you hear 'Tripple-kill' 'Quadra-kill' 'Pentakill' with each enemy fallen? Hardly. Getting a multi-kill in League of Legends feels great, but nothing beats you getting a Pentakill.

High Noon Samira
Samira is a queen. | © Riot Games

So, if you want to get a penta, how exactly are you supposed to go about it? Well, first of all you'll have to practice, but choosing the right champion is also a great way to help you get that much sought after pentakill. 

This begs the question, which champions allow you to get the most pentakills possible? Well, there are quite a few options with over 160 champions in the game, but there are three champions that take the cake. 

Which Champions Are Easiest to Get Pentakills With?

Snowman Master yi
Master Yi is one of them. | © Riot Games

In a Riot Q&A from 2021, Riot kyrieFH explained that there are three champions that you should look out for when it comes to Pentakills. They took data from LoL Patch 11.11 and found out that the champion with the most pentakills in that single patch was none other than Samira. Makes sense, right if you think of her ultimate and the damage she dealt last year? 

Even when the data was taken to look at popularity, Samira still came out on top. 

  1. Samira - .018 pentas per game
  2. Master Yi - .018 pentas per game
  3. Katarina - .015 pentas per game

It isn't just low elo where you'll see these champions amongst the group of champs to get pentakills with, though. Even in Diamond+ you'll have Master Yi, Samira and Katarina at the top. These are champions that can easily kill anyone who gets in their way thanks to their shredding abilities. 

New Champions in 2023 Added

Street Demon Briar
Briar and pentakills? Never seen these two together. | © Riot Games

The data that Riot worked with in the QnA is pretty outdated and since then a bunch of champions have been added to the list. In 2023 we got four new champions, but none of them truly give 'pentakill vibes', right? There was a cute support, a cool assassin and a jungler and mid laner. 

  • Milio
  • Naafiri
  • Briar
  • Hwei

But looking at 2022 there is one champion on the list that could definitely be part of the pentakill tierlist these days and that is none other than Zeri who was released in early 2022. 

So, if you practice your Zeri there is a high chance that you'll be able to get some insane pentakill moments with her as well. Sure, Riot nerfed her, but she's got mobility, an insane ultimate and quick-fast paced gameplay that will make her hard to avoid. 

So, if you're looking to get a pentakill in 2024 nothing much has changed... right? But we're sure that another 200-year champion is on the horizon who might be able to knock Samira off her high-horse, eh? 

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