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Is another member of The Ten going to make an appearance?

New Champion Coming After Briar Already Teased

Lore 08-08-2023 15:42
Risen Fiddlesticks Skin
Fiddle kinda looks like a Flayer Necron here | © Riot Games

In season 13, Riot Games did not place a large importance on updating the lore of champions. Not directly at least. Instead, they've done so via their new titles such as the Mageseeker game, where Jarvan's story progressed.

The next champion coming is Briar, a bonafide vampire from Noxus, but the champion after that is rumored to be an Ink Mage. And a recent Reddit post created by the user Zarathielis has shed some light on the matter, as they found a possible teaser for the champion and in Fiddlesctik's lore.

New Ink Mage Champion Possibly Connected to Fiddlesticks

Riot's previous practice when releasing new champions was to prepare the field with various teasers, in the form of official animations or new color stories that feature a mysterious figure. We all remember the hype of Jhin's release and the 4 champions he killed!

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Recently, however, they seem to have taken a different approach with their teasers being far more indirect. It was contained in the Mageseeker game, explains the Redditor, where a researcher describes a few demons, including Nilah's, and one that is a "depressed shut-in".

Combined with the information given to us by the latest Riot's official Champion Roadmap, which describes the Ink Mage as "broody and somber", unlike his art, which is vibrant and alive.

This would imply that the Ink Mage has a connection with one of the Ten, primordial demons one of whom is Fiddlesticks and the other is sealed and used for its power by Nilah.

062222 08 Nilah Splash
Hopefully he'll be more memorable than Nilah | © Riot Games

To further confirm this theory, the Redditor dug further and found an excerpt from Fiddlesticks' lore:

"Long, long ago, in a tower by the edge of the sea, a foolish young mage summoned something into the world that he was not prepared to control. What stepped before the boy was something older than recorded history. Something darker than a yawning, starless night. Something the world had desperately tried to forget—and in an instant, the mage, the creature, and the tower itself were lost to all of time. At least, that’s what the stories say."

And while none of this is confirmed, the arguments hold up and there is a big possibility that the upcoming Ink Mage champion is in fact a mage that made a pact with one of the Ten, or something similar to that effect.

What we wonder, though, is how will Riot pull their abilities off as an Ink Mage champion that draws their own abilities is an old concept for Riot, that they abandoned previously due to being difficult to pull off.

Will they cut out the part that are incompatible with League, or have they found a new way to bring the Ink Mage to the Rift in all his glory? We'll just wait and see.

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