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If the Ruined King gets one, why not an actual king too?

Demacia: LoL Fans Ask For King Jarvan IV Skin

Skins 22-05-2023 14:00
Jarvan IV Dragonslayer Skin
Jarvan IV skins really show his age | © Riot Games

With his place in the jungle meta steady these days, Jarvan IV has returned to the spotlight. Though, he has done so in more ways than one, due to being featured in the Sylas game, The Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story. So, what should await Jarvan IV in the future?

Well, quite a few fans agree that, with his lore elevating him from a Prince to the King of Demacia, after his father's death, he should be given a King Jarvan IV skin and a legendary one at that.


King Jarvan IV - If the Shoe Fits

Jarvan IV is, in the official League of Legends lore, still the heir apparent Prince of Demacia, and the only child of Jarvan III, the current King. Unlike another famous LoL king, he is not a vain man.

Quite the opposite, from an early age he was exposed to education on serving his people, and the greater philosophies of Ionia, by the Seneschal of Demacia, Xin Zhao.

Warring Kingdoms Jarvan Skin
The influence of Xin Zhao is strong in this one | © Riot Games

In his youth, with the title of general bestowed upon him by his father, he led the armies of Demacia to quite a few victories, before he, in his ambition and inexperience, overextended and lost to the Noxian warbands.

This, in turn, led him to meet his guardian Shyvanna and help her defeat her mother, the elemental dragon Yvva. Now, with the knowledge that Demacian strength comes from unity, he has returned to his father's court, to continue his princely duties.

King Jarvan IV - Updated Lore

Now, while Riot have not updated Jarvan IV's lore in League of Legends itself, he has been a side character in the Sylas comics, and the most recent The Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story game.

The story unfolding in all of these has culminated in Jarvan III dying, and Jarvan IV inheriting his throne. And, due to his experiences and education, he does not share the xenophobia the rest of the ruling class has against the mage-born.

The fans have been clamoring for Jarvan IV to receive a King Jarvan IV skin, as is his right now, especially seeing how his story wraps up in the game. And, with him not having a legendary skin, it is the perfect opportunity to make King Jarvan IV a Legendary Jarvan IV skin.

As the last cutscene of Jarvan IV in the game sees him writing edicts to improve the life of the mage-born in Demacia, he can be seen as a wise King of Demacia, and that means that he is in line for a new skin.

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