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LoL: Ink Mage Could Introduce Planned Mechanic From Six-Years-Ago

Champions 17-04-2023 13:10
Ink Mage Inkling
LoL: What could the Ink Mage's kit look like? | © Riot Games/Nintendo

League of Legends has some interesting champion concepts that have never made it to live servers. There was Tiki, a small voodoo champion, as well as Averdrian who was some weird deformed alien, but both were scrapped. 

Not only does Riot scrap champions, but sometimes they also scrap their mechanics and kit before the release. Well one of those scrapped mechanics could be making a comeback this – or next – year. 

League of Legends Ink Mage Could Bring Back Old Mechanic

This year we've already gotten the newest champion, Milio but that's just the start of new champions in 2023. So far we know that Naafiri, the Darkin Dagger is going to be next snd that a Vampire champion is also in the works. 

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Recently, there have also been rumours about a new champion from the Freljord making their way onto Summoner's Rift, something that has been a long time coming as well. 

But one champion that has some interesting new mechanics as part of its kit can be none other than the upcoming Ink Mage. This is a concept that Riot is bringing back from the basement. 

Content creator BigBadBear found an old interview with Riot Meddler, in which he spoke of a champion using art and ink for their abilities. The champion could use the power of art to draw their skills. 

The biggest part of their kit would have been their ultimate in which the players could literally create terrain on the map, simply by drawing it. This would cause quite a lot of bugs, but maybe now years later Riot figured out how to implement this. 

So, while back then the idea was scrapped to revisit at a later date, due to it being too confusing and hard to manage during team fights, it seems that the time has come. Or at least fans believe so. This could become the brand-new mechanic in League of Legends! 

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