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With Arcane being so popular let's look at Hextech and what this even is!

The Story of Hextech Crafting

Champions 13-11-2021 13:00
Hextech Brackern Jayce
Where did Hextech even come from? | © Riot Games

Hextech, the blue crystal, which is seen in various instances throughout Arcane plays an important role in the progress of Piltover. It is also a key part of Jayce’s lore and backstory, but what exactly is Hextech, what crystals are used and where does it come from?

To better understand Arcane and some of the lore behind it all, we’re going to take a look at the crystal spires and the crystals which are used to create Hextech tools. Hextech crafting and hextech tools will probably play an important part in Act II and Act III of Arcane in the coming weeks.

What Are Hextech Crystals?

Hextech crystals are used to create exquisite artifacts and tools. By harnessing the magic within the crystals, the technology can be used by anyone. This means that even those who hadn't been gifted magical powers by the Arcane are able to use these tools.

Each hextech artifact is completely unique for the wielder. The art of crafting hextech tools is also kept very secret and is part of Piltover’s society.

Where do Hextech Crystals come from?

The crystals are of Shuriman nature. In Jayce’s lore the first crystal he encounters ‘sings’ to him. This is once again echoed when League of Legends fans find out that the crystals belong to the Brackern, a long forgotten race from Shurima.

Skarner is one of the last surviving Brackern. When those of Piltover discovered the power the crystals hold and how to craft hextech tools, they embarked on missions to find more of these crystals to help power the progress of Piltover.

  • Jayce, Viktor and Skarner have pretty epic lore, but who doesn't?

In the process, the Brackern race was almost completely wiped out. Brackern, though not immortal, have their memories live on within the crystal once they pass away. The crystal is then buried until another, younger, Brackern finds it. Through this cycle, the crystals continuously call out to the Brackern to find.

Legends of Runeterra Jayce Lvl2
Jayce harnessed the crystals to create Hextech. | © Riot Games

How did Piltover Learn to Harness the Crystal Power?

The crystal was brought to Piltover and various scientists tried to figure out what the crystal was all about. None of them were able to figure out what the crystal was and gave up, giving the gem to Jayce.

For the first time in Jayce’s life something gave him trouble. He worked tirelessly to try and figure out the nature of the crystal. He tried everything until finally he merely chipped off a piece of the crystal. He used this piece for his future experiments, almost destroying his lab.

Through this discovery, he learned to harness the power of the crystal. Through the involvement of Viktor, a previous colleague and friend of Jayce, the larger piece of the crystal was stolen.

When Jayce went to retrieve it he used the small shard he’d been experimenting on to find the larger crystal. The crystals were connected, the smaller calling to the larger, showing Jayce the way.

Once there, he was horrified to discover the crystal being used to power an army of robots. To defend himself he used the power of the shard to defend himself, fusing it together with his hammer - thus his mercury hammer became the first hextech weapon known to man.

Will We Find Out More About Hextech in Arcane?

Yes, Arcane will continue to revolve around the story of Jayce and Viktor who both play an important role in the creation of Hextech Tools. Arcane will likely explore the discovery of the crystal and the eradication of the Brackern, though will likely not go into too much detail.

The story of Skarner and the Brackern will have to be revealed in another show.

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