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So, Mount Olympus, basically.

Targon: Lore, Champions & More

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Mount Targon
A place where the physical and ephemeral intersect | © Riot Games

Mount Targon is a place of myth, even in the magical world of Runeterra. And as such, the myriad of stories arising from it, being told generation after generation, begin to warp themselves and contradict one another.

Still, even in the warped stories, nuggets of truth can be found about this ephemeral place, and its deep connection to the current manifestation of all civilization on Runeterra.

What is Targon in League of Legends?

Mount Targon is the highest mountain peak on the world of Runeterra, situated to the west of the once mighty Shuriman Empire. Targon itself refers to both the mountain and the celestial world beyond Runeterra where Aspects, beings of incredible power, reside.

Targon2 1111
How do the Targonian tribes even survive here? | © Riot Games

Both Mount Targon, with the mortals living at its base, and Targon Prime beyond, are connected to every civilization on Runeterra and have shaped the course of history since the planet's inception.

Targon - History

What is known of Targonian history comes in bits and pieces of events that span millennia, unlike regions such as the Kingdom of Demacia which has a clear history.

This is because, Targon is based on Mount Olympus, and the connection between mortals and Aspects and the power they wield is never so clear cut.

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Targon History - Why Does Aurelion Sol Hate Targon?

The first known event relating to Mount Targon is also one of the first events in the recorded history of Runeterra.

Aurelion Sol, a Celestial being, who forged stars so others could appreciate their beauty, came upon a planet that he did not forge, and saw the Aspects giving the planet a lot of attention.

Aurelion lol Targon
He is right to be pissed | © Riot Games

Intrigued, he came to investigate, when the Aspects bid their mortals to reward the Star Forger for the sun he forged them. It was a trap however, and the crown put on his head sapped him of the knowledge of the Sun, allowing the Aspects to order the creation of the Sun disc and the first Ascended.

The crown barrs Aurelion Sol from coming near Runeterra and taking revenge, which is why Aurelion Sol hates Targon. But the bonds of the foul magic are weakening, falling to Runeterra like meteors seen in the Call cinematic video, and the Star Forger is biding his time.

Targon History - The Great Darkin War

The creation of Ascended warriors was the direct influence of the Targonian aspects, who needed powerful warriors to face the Void. And their destruction is the same.

It was the Aspect of the Twilight who taught the mortals how to seal the Darkin, while the Aspect of War faced Aatrox in battle. The one thing Targonian Aspects didn't count on, was the Aspect of War dying, and Atreus igniting the constellation with his mortal will, taking its power for himself.

Targon History - Modern Day

Targonian Aspects would imbue mortals with power every few generations, with Mihira, the Aspect of Justice, being an example of a singe Targionian Aspect being active on Runeterra at a time.

Modern Runeterra, however, has an abundance of Aspects running around, indicating the return of the Aspects, and that great change is coming to Runeterra.

Leona Diana Targon
Love, friendship, and zealotry intersect | © Riot Games

After centuries of the Solari being the dominant religion of Mount Targon, and eradicating the Lunari, the Aspect of the Moon is active yet again, while Taric stands as the Protector of the entire world.

Even Pantheon is alive, and fights against the oppression of higher beings, realizing that they see mortals as nothing but pawns in their own games.

What are Targon Champions?

The Targon champions in League of Legends are, usually, the ones that have either claimed Mount Targon and been deemed worthy of being imbued with the power of an Aspect, or are the inheritors of a Targonian legacy, like Aphelios.

  • Aphelios
  • Taric
  • Leona
  • Diana
  • Soraka
  • Zoe
  • Pantheon
  • Aurelion Sol

Currently, Aphelios is standing as the last remnant of the Cult of Lunari, with Diana searching for them, and Leona following on her heels to retain Solari supremacy.

Of the others, the only truly noble Targonian Aspect host is Taric, who stands in the defence of the entire world, taking no part in mortal wars, and holding the madness at bay. After all, while Aurelion Sol and Pantheon are in the right, revenge is never the answer.

And finally, Soraka herself is not an Aspect, but a Celestial, a being on par with Aurelion Sol, who descended to Runeterra to guide mortals to their best destiny.

Who Climbed Targon in LoL?

Climbing Mount Targon is an arduous process, where pilgrims will be tested with not just physical trials, but mental ones as well. Of even the Targonian champions only Taric and Pantheon have climbed Mount Targon.

Maybe Atreus would be worthy if he had hair that fabulous | © Riot Games

Of the two, only Taric was found worthy in the correct manner, with Atreus being taken over completely by the Aspect of War at first. The others inherited their powers or were granted them by the Aspects due to their interest in said champions, or pure desperation to remain existing.

What is Targon Prime in LoL?

As we mentioned previously, Mount Targon and Targon itself are two connected, but distinct things. Mount Targon is a physical mountain on Runeterra, whose apex is the path to higher realms.

Once a pilgrim manages to overcome the trials and tribulations of climbing Mount Targon, they are shown the vast constellations and thrust of the universe. those that survive and are deemed worthy, are imbued with an Aspect that takes fancy to their character.

Only truly powerful Aspects, such as Kayle's mother Mihira, can ascend even further and enter Targon Prime, an otherworldly place described as a brilliant city of gold and silver.

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