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Hopefully better than the one from Season 13

A LoL Cinematic Is In The Works For Season 14

More 25-07-2023 17:15
Lo L Cinematic 2023
Let's hope the Season 14 cinematic won't be this bad. | © Riot Games

At the start of the 2023 League of Legends season Riot truly messed up. While fans sat, waiting to find out more about the upcoming ranked season and to get hyped up for their climb in Season 13, the reality was quite different and a literal disappointment for anyone and everyone who loves the game. 

Usually, Riot would release an exciting trailer, depicting the champions in battle, something that has become somewhat of tradition to kick off any League of Legends season, but in 2023 this did not happen, worrying fans about future season starts. 

LoL Season 14 Should Have A Cinematic 

Riot Meddler recently went on Twitter to appease fans and let them know that for the next League of Legends season, there should be a big cinematic trailer. 

Sure, for Season 13, there had been one in the works as well, even featuring champions like Aatrox, but due to time constraints it was never finished on time, hence why players received the 'trailer' they did instead. 

With Riot Meddler going to Reddit though, it means that players are promised an actual trailer for LoL Season 14 and that they have something to look forward to at the start of the season, unlike the year before. 

Will Riot be using the trailer they started for Season 13, or are we getting a brand-new cinematic in the upcoming year? We're going to have to wait until January to find out, but one thing is for sure, that fans can get excited for a cinematic next year. 

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