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Talk about real life imitating art!

Fans Name a Real Life Star After Aurelion Sol

Champions 26-03-2022 23:00
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How do you enslave a being larger than your own planet | © Riot Games

With the recent whispers of a rework circulating among the community, one of the highest win rate champions in high elo and one of the most powerful beings in the League of Legends universe, Aurelion Sol, has been brought back into the spotlight.

Aurelion Sol has been through thick and thin, regarding both his place in the meta, with the various nerfs and hotfixes pummelling his pick rate into the ground, as well as his design itself. After all, Aurelion Sol was not the champion's first intended look. Instead, League of Legends was supposed to get a champion by the name of Ao Shin, before he was scrapped and turned into a few champions, one of which took on his Dragon design and became Aurelion Sol.

Why did Aurelion Sol Get a Star Named After Him?

Aurelion Sol's lore is one of conflicting information. As it stands, he is, arguably, the most powerful being in the known universe, after the embodiment of death, Kindred, of course. He is the Star Forger, capable of moving galaxies in his wake.

Aurelion sol star
If only there was a Dragon constellation | © Reddit

And, despite being on the level of Celestial beings such as Soraka and Bard, he is enslaved by Targonians, to do their bidding and act as a power source. Still, to commemorate the origins of Aurelion Sol and his power, fans have named a leaf life star after him with the International Star Registry, in the Taurus constellation.

The name of the star is Nerf Aurelion Sol, which is a reference to Riot Games nerfing the champion whenever his win rate goes a bit higher. And, while this is standard practice for every League of Legends champion, the same cannot be said for Aurelion Sol. In patch 12.5b, Aurelion Sol has a 52.7% Win Rate, with a 0.8% Pick Rate, which is one of the lowest in the game.

The way nerfs work for League of Legends champions is based on comparing them to Pick Rates, as fewer players playing the champion means the Win Rate gets inflated by one-tricks. For that reason, there should rarely ever be a reason to nerf Arulerion Sol. Though that never stopped Riot from doing so, making it a meme among the League of Legends community.

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