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This is insane!

League of Legends: Player Broke The Mastery Point Record

Champions 15-03-2023 22:45
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Some players like to show off their mastery emotes whenever they play League of Legends, but one player has reached new heights that seem to baffle just about anyone.

A recent player has reached a goal so absurd that many believe this has to be a shared account, but even if it is, these numbers are still quite impressive. 

LoL Player Has 20,000,000 Mastery On Single Champion

One player on the Vietnamese League of Legends server has managed to accumulate over 20 million mastery points on a single champion. The champion in question? None other than everyone's favorite meme-champion Teemo. 

Imagine playing so many Teemo games to reach these numbers. In the 2023 season alone they've already got over 800 games of Teemo under their belt. The player, by the name of LeagueofLegends is sitting in Plat 4 in solo queue and even has reached level 2,183 on their account. 

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Those are some hefty numbers, but some Redditors believe that this is a shared account, due to the high volume of games played. There is no evidence suggesting that this is a shared account though. 

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The account has a history of multiple champions played in flex queue, as well as the amount of game time the account has. On the other hand, all the Summoner Spells and the love for Teemo in solo queue seem consistent with one player behind the keyboard.

Even if someone were to share this account, the amount of Teemo this person plays is truly incredible. The player is probably pretty hyped for Teemo's Art and Sustainability Update which is set to release either later in 2023 or in 2024, right? 

How many mastery points do you have on your main champion? Let us know in the comments below!  

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