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Is anyone even surprised?

LoL ASU: Two Champions Revealed as Next Art and Sustainability Candidates

Knockout Lee Sin
Lee Sin will knock his ASU out of the park. | © Riot Games

With the Ahri ASU finally releasing in LoL Patch 13.4, it's time for Riot to look ahead and at the next League of Legends Art and Sustainability Updates. In a recent dev blog it was revealed who would be getting the next ASU and when fans can expect them. 

Art and Sustainability Updates improve a champion's art and in-game model to bring outdated champions to the standard that current champions have. That means making them more sustainable. 

Two Iconic Champions Revealed For Next ASU's

Lee Sin and Teemo will be the next two champions to receive ASU's in 2023 and 2024. Caitlyn and Ahri had the first ASU's, now followed up by two male champions. Riot had also revealed sometime ago that they're only going to be making ASU's for champions that are popular and that have a lot of skins. 

Both Lee Sin and Teemo fall into this category, though we all know Teemo is popular for all the wrong reasons, while Lee Sin is the champion players pick when they want to show off their skills, because his combos just look extremely flashy. 

Let's check out some pentakills... is Lee Sin on there?

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Riot Working on Faster ASU's

Riot is also going to try and work on updating their ASU's a little bit quicker. To do so, some people from the new champions team have moved to the ASU team, meaning that in 2024 we can expect fewer new champions, instead we might have more updates to existing champions. 

Something players have complained about is how long maintenance on champions takes so getting more ASU's instead of constant new champions is also exciting and good for the quality of the game. League of Legends is already over 10-years old, so there has to be maintenance done to older champions. 

For now, we can get excited for one ASU at the end of 2023, as well as another coming in 2024, but what comes next will be revealed at a later date. 

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