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LoL: Best Build For Udyr Top In 2024

Champions 25-01-2024 18:02

Udyr Toplane has gotten really popular lately and it's even picked in professional play. I'll show you what to build to win the game like a pro!

Dragon Oracle Udyr New Splash
Udyr is a really good top laner. | © Riot Games

This is specifically for top lane Udyr. If you are looking for any jungle advice, I really am not qualified. I'm not qualified for top lane either, but you are already here, so might as well read the rest. Udyr has been strong in the top lane for quite a few months now, and the new items have just been even more beneficial. There is almost no matchup that he can actually lose, and even in those he can farm up safely and sustain.

LoL: Best Toplane Udyr Build

Inkshadow Udyr
The last thing you see before he sends a literal storm after you. | © Riot Games

Udyr is like an immovable object in the top lane. His Wingborne Storm gives him insane wave clearing potential, and Iron Mantle is an amazing sustain ability. 

Usually you are starting with a Doran's Ring, but you can also buy Doran's Shield against ranged top laners. Your core items are Plated Steelcaps/Mercury Threads, Iceborne Gauntlet and Sunfire Cape. On Udyr it's not bad to just buy the boots first as you are autoattack based and need to catch up or run away from enemies. Iceborne Gauntlet gives you great stats and allows you to build Sheen. 

Sheen works really well as his abilities only strengthen his auto attacks. Sunfire Cape is nice for some extra wave clear but can be exchanged for a Hollow Radiance. Some players don't even finish Sunfire Cape and sit on Bami's Cinder because it's that efficient. 

Udyr can always use some efficient armor items like Frozen Heart or Thornmail. For magic resistances, you are mainly looking at Jak'Sho or Abyssal Mask. If you are still getting bursted too fast, firstly how and second you can just buy a Sterak's Gage as well.

Your full build should look something like Plated Steelcaps, Iceborne Gauntlet, Sunfire Cape, Frozen Heart, Abyssal Mask and Thornmail. 

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