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LoL: Best Champions For URF

News 19-01-2024 14:48

With URF coming back very soon, we figured it's time to look at some of the best champions in the game mode.

Urf Screen
Urf is coming back in 2024. | © Riot Games

URF (Ultra Rapid Fire) is back on the menu soon! It's been since early 2023 that we could play the mode, and I'm looking forward to the great times again. URF is a mode with lots of chaos and fun. 

It's basically normal League of Legends but faster… a lot faster. Some champions thrive in that chaos and speed, while some are not that great for the mode. But it's all for fun anyway, so who cares! Enjoy yourself! But if you are actually looking to have a better time than the rest, here are some of the best champions for League of Legends Ultra Rapid Fire.

LoL: Best Champions For URF

If you are looking to take the game a bit more serious (which you shouldn't) here are the best champions for URF.

5. Wukong

Wukong is great if you like to dash around in URF. | © Riot Games

Wukong has an invisibility ability with a short cooldown and a small dash, making it perfect for this fast-paced mode. He can always engage, deals great damage and has enough CC to be safe while doing so. If things turn south, you can always sneak your way out while your clone distracts the enemies.

4. Veigar

Veigar 4
The last thing you see before you get hit by a 1000 AP ultimate. | © Riot Games

Veigar gets more AP when he last hits minions with his Q or hits enemy champions with any ability. In a game mode where ability cooldowns basically don't exist, this is pretty broken. Combine this with his amazing big stun and his nuking ultimate. Not too bad. 

3. Hecarim

Hecarim gallery
By far the fastest champion in this mode. | © Riot Games

Hecarim gains more damage the faster he is. While you are already quite fast in URF you also get your Items a lot faster which means he can build more move speed items faster. And what do you do against a character that is super agile and fast AND deals insane damage? Well not a lot apparently which is why he is Number 3 on our list.

2. Singed

Astronaut Singed
I can still hear the laugh from him flinging me all the time. | © Riot Games

Singed may look weird in this list, but if you start thinking about it, it makes sense. He can keep his poison turned on all game. He also has an ability which slows down his enemies and makes them unable to dash. Pretty helpful in a mode where dashes have no cooldown. His ultimate also makes him incredibly tanky and fast and as we already established. Fast is really, really good.

1. Annie

Winterblessed Annie
Is Annie the best? Or is it Tibbers? | © Riot Games

Annie is not only the Queen in lower elos of solo queue, she is also incredibly good in URF. She is by far the best champion, actually. Her stun passive combined with her already low cooldowns being even lower can lock down enemies for ages. She also has a shield that reflects damage and speeds her up. If things are looking tough for her, she can summon her personal bodyguard Tibbers to turn things right. 

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