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We want to play some Briar soon!

LoL: Briar Release Date – When Does The New Jungler Become Available?

Champions 31-08-2023 16:28
Briar Concept 9
LoL Briar: When is the new champion going live? | © Riot Games

The new League of Legends champion Briar is going to be added to the roster of champions very soon. She is going to be champion number 165, as we near the 200 mark. She is going to have a unique new concept, but when will she actually be released?

The champion is first going to have to go through some testing before the general public will get their hands on this unique and fun League of Legends champion. Let's find out when everyone will finally get their hands on Briar and go into a feeding frenzy. 

LoL: Briar Release Date And Patch

Briar looks so cool I can't wait to try her! | © Riot Games

Briar is going to be hitting the live servers very soon. She has just been added to the Public Beta Environment and currently we're on PBE cycle 13.18. This means that she is going to be added to live servers for LoL Patch 13.18. This League patch is set to release on September 13, 2023. 

Skins and new champions usually take a day or a half-day to be added into the LoL-client though, which means that players will be able to officially get their hands on her on September 14, 2023. 

Once she is live, make sure to test her out in the practice tool before you log into your ranked matches. Sure, placements aren't a thing anymore, but you can still ruin someone's climb into Gold by first picking a brand-new champion. 

Briar has some pretty cool mechanics that no other champion has, like her frenzied state. So it's best to figure out when to engage with this new mechanic rather than jump into ranked games cold turkey, right? Right. But you do you and enjoy Briar when she releases... I know I will have a lot of fun inting in my first few matches. 

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