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LoL: Can Riot Fix Illaoi In Season 14?

Champions 20-01-2024 17:58

With the recent Map Changes, Illaoi has quite a bit of trouble in the top lane. Her tentacles don't reach the wave anymore so she is forced to either stay under her own tower or under the enemy tower. Can Riot fix this?

Illaoi Patch1020
Illaoi suffered from the top lane map changes. | © Riot Games

Illaoi is in a really rough spot at the moment. She is closing in on 46% win rate and I'm afraid even buffs will not change that any time soon. With the Season 14 Changes the map around top lane has changed drastically and as such the spawns for her tentacles are either very far from the lane or she can't spawn them at all. What can Riot do to fix this?

LoL: How Riot Can Fix Illaoi

Well… they can't. They are already planning to buff her Health and healing from the tentacles, but the issues lie far deeper. They always have the option to just revert the map changes or add more walls to the top side, but that would cause even more problems.

Firstly, the excitement for the new season would be gone. But this would also mean heavy buffs for other champions like Camille, Akshan and Ornn.

What if they just keep buffing Illaoi's combat stats? Well this could be an approach but at a certain point she would then be so strong that she doesn't even need her tentacles anymore.

This would lead to her being a very strong 1 vs. 1 bruiser even without the extra healing, and would make her completely broken once she actually has tentacles nearby. 

Snow Moon Illaoi
Imagine setting up your own tentacles! | © Riot Games

One thing that could possibly work is to let Illaoi place her own tentacles. Her Ult can already spawn them in the middle of the lane, so why can't she?

Giving her the option to place them herself with her passive also eliminates the luck factor and makes her way more reliable as a champion. It was always quite random where her tentacles spawned at the walls, and it can lead to a lot of frustration, losing a trade that way. 

This would create some more options for her to push out lanes but also gives her some more agency and outplay potential with her tentacles. 

What would you do with Illaoi?

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