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LoL: LEC Breaks Viewer Record In Season 14

Esports 17-01-2024 10:41

The new LEC Season 2024 has just started again and it already broke records.

The LEC is back! | © Riot Games

The LEC has officially started on January 13. There was already a lot of hype surrounding the league, with a new super team forming and even newer teams joining in on the competition. If its rebrands and collaborations like GIANTSX or Mad Lions KOI or even completely new teams like KarmineCorp, there was lots to see already.

Especially the Spanish and French viewership has risen dramatically since MDK and KC are Spanish and French teams respectively. Since the LEC allowed famous personalities to co-stream, there were also a lot more views. The biggest Spanish-speaking streamer Ibai who also owns Mad Lions KOI was allowed to co-stream and brought the Spanish community together. The same goes for the KarmineCorp owner Kamet0, who has also co-streamed the event. 

LEC Breaks Viewer Record On Day 1

LEC Viewer Record
That's a lot more views. | © Riot Games

The league has absolutely exploded this year. The first week of the LEC Winter 2024 ended with a peak viewer number of 741,450 which is almost 300,000 more than in the 2023 Season. The Top Match was between the Spanish team MAD Lions KOI and the French team KarmineCorp. 

KarmineCorp has just recently joined the LEC along with its huge fanbase. This has caused the French broadcast of the LEC to grow as well, from 90,600 average viewers to over 250,000. The Owner of KarmineCorp Kamet0 also co-streamed the event himself and over 180,000 people watched. Unfortunately, KC had a rough start to the LEC, facing off against a very strong G2 and Fnatic as well as MAD Lions KOI.

Ibai is the biggest spanish streamer in the world and owner of MDK. | © Riot Games

The Owner of MAD Lions KOI also co-streamed the Event for an audience of over 225,000 people. The Spanish broadcast of the LEC has also gone up from around 140,000 to 240,000.

Experts have expected the Viewership to rise when KarmineCorp joined the LEC, as the team has one of the most passionate fanbases in the whole esports scene.

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