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Will Kayle feel better when this update goes live?

LoL: Kayle Receives Huge Changes On PBE Patch 13.9

Champions 21-04-2023 17:30
Viridian Kayle
LoL Patch 13.9: Will these changes make Kayle better? | © Riot Games

Kayle is one of those champions you just hate to have on your team. Yes, she's incredible in the late game, but getting there, especially in solo queue, is the issue, which is why Riot is looking to make some changes that even mid-game Kayle can feel like she has an impact. 

Other late game champions have received some love, like Kassadin thanks to some new items in Season 13, but Kayle still feels like having an extra minion in the top lane rather than a champion early, so Riot is making big changes and some of them have landed on the Public Beta Environment (PBE). 

LoL Patch 13.9: Kayle Changes Currently On PBE

Kayle is a champion that hasn't gotten too much love from the community lately. Games in solo queue don't always go the whole ten yards, hence why Kayle is probably one of the least favoured champions in solo queue. Teams will usually FF before she can reach her true potential. 

That's why Riot is making some changes to her ultimate, as well as other abilities to try and improve her. Of course, these changes aren't as big as Neeko who is going to have her mid-scope update released in LoL Patch 13.9. 

So, what is Riot actually going to change on Kayle? Lead champion designer, Riot August, has outlined some of the changes that are currently being tested on the PBE server right now: 

E - Starfire Spellblade

  • On-hit AP ratio: 25% >>> 20%
  • Passive wave damage: 15-35(e rank) >>> 20-41(lvl 11-18)

R - Divine Judgement

  • Cast time: 1.5 >>> .5
  • AoE Delay: 1.5 >>> 2.5
  • Invuln duration: 2-3 >>> 2.5
  • AoE radius: 525 >>> 675/675/775
  • Dmg: 200-500(+80% AP)(+100% BAD) >>> 200-400(+70% AP)(+100% BAD)
  • Kayle no longer lowers her range when casting ult on herself

These are some hefty changes, with most coming to her ultimate. Kayle will be able to auto attack even with the ult cast on her, and the range also won't be lowered anymore when she is ulted which is super nice. The cast time has also been decreased, while the AoE of her swords received an increase. 

All this comes at a cost of an AoE delay, as well as lowered damage. Not only that, but the invulnerability has been changed to flat out 2.5 seconds, changing it from 2-3 depending on who was ulted. 

These are some heft changes, but it's good to see that she is receiving some attention, since Kayle has been struggling without many people playing her. 

Her E also received some added damage to minions for waveclear starting at level 11, while the AP ratio has been lowered as well, but compared to her ultimate these are just tiny adjustments to her kit. 

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